May 6, 2024

With a house to sell in MD. before moving to Texas, I contacted Barrett who was recommended by a very good friend. Barrett and I were in contact occasionally for a few weeks. He listened carefully as I described the approximate size, general characteristics, and approximate price point of what I’d like in the greater Austin area. I arrived in Texas the end of March. We set up two days the following week to see property. He was so nice, personable and focused it was a pleasure to work with him! At no time did I feel pressured to rush through a home. He always had answers to my questions. There was no hesitation to arrange second visits to a couple homes. An offer was made and a couple days later the house was under contract. All of that was wonderful, but here’s how Barrett went above and beyond what I consider to be the average realtor: The following week I had surgery and spent 2 weeks in rehab. During that time Barrett continued to work on my behalf. He walked me through the entire process, answering questions and explaining items to this widow with limited real estate knowledge. Without the outstanding service from Barrett and a mortgage lender he recommended, I wouldn’t have closed on my home the day after being released from rehab!! Barrett even made arrangements for the closing to take place where I was staying during my early recuperation. Barrett is a successful and very busy realtor but if you want to work with someone who will make you feel like you’re his ONLY and MAIN CLIENT, I highly recommend you contact Barrett to find your perfect home!!

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