Miranda Wijaya

Jul 12, 2023

Jen and her team are basically an all-star team! We’re a first-time home buyer and needless to say, felt utterly overwhelmed by the entire process. Jen and team guided us through it all with thorough education about local market trends and things we should expect every step of the way. They’re highly organized, super knowledgeable and have a wealth of information to share and that’s really what we were looking for in a realtor team. On top of that, they’re VERY responsive and are willing to answer every question we throw their way – no matter how silly they were. Our home buying process was kind of a more complicated one, but they went above and beyond 100% of the time (special shoutout to Rachel Carpenter who were there for me and helped look for a solution every time my stress level exploded). Also special shoutout to David Moxham who helped us tour all the homes we were interested in!
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