Patty & Russell

Nov 17, 2023

Our experience with Sally, which is still ongoing, has been nothing less than incredible! It has been quite a ride and she’s gone above and
beyond every step of the way. We’ve recently closed on the sale of our home and are now actively looking for our next home, all with the
assistance and expertise of Sally Jane!
Last year, we had a horrible experience with a realtor, that resulted in us backing out on the sale of our home and the home we were
passionate about buying. It was an emotional and financial disaster. We shared this experience with Sally at our initial meeting so she
could understand our concerns and fears.
Sally’s knowledge, compassion, and patience are unmeasurable. She is easily accessible and has always been there for us no matter
what time of the day, weekends included. We’ve felt that we were her only clients and know full well that someone like Sally, has many
other clients. She answers all our questions without making us feel like the “rookies” we really are. And, if she doesn’t know the answer
she goes out of her way to find out. There is so much to say about this girl and it’s all good stuff. She’s an exceptionally kind person first
and foremost. Then, she’s also a pit bull when it comes to protecting and standing firm for her clients.
We consider Sally as our friend. (Tony, too!). We feel very fortunate that she was highly recommended. If we would have taken that
recommendation last year, we would be living in the home that we loved. We know that she will find us the next perfect home that we will
love even more.
We hope you appreciate and value everything about Sally Marie because we sure do! If we ever need to sell or buy again it’s obviously
going to be with this fine and special lady.

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