Ryan F.,

May 7, 2024

When we were considering our home sale in Avery Ranch, Barrett Sandefur responded and met me at the house the next day. He already had a market analysis prepared and we briefly discussed options. I was very impressed with his professionalism and always asking me what I wanted to do rather than pushing me in any direction. We decided to wait a year to sell and throughout that time, Barrett would periodically check in just to see if he could help with anything. Again, not pushy at all. I used the opportunity to ask a few questions along the way and he was quick to respond with helpful information. When the time came, I had no doubt who we wanted our agent to be. I called Barrett (now about 1 year after our initial meeting) and we met again. He came prepared with an updated analysis and we again reviewed options. We decided to sell and he started the process. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about selling a home so I was skeptical about the process. Barrett quickly reassured us that he had everything covered and he truly lived up to that commitment. The entire process from initial presales contract up through closing took about 2 months and Barrett was professional, attentive, and extremely helpful throughout. The experience was actually very positive. He took care of all the heavy lifting and went above and beyond to make sure we were informed and comfortable the whole way through. We don’t plan to buy or sell anytime soon but when we do, I know who I’m calling!!! Thanks Barrett!

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