Steve & Bernadette

Nov 17, 2023

I can’t begin to describe how awesome Sally is. She was literally the first person we ever met when contemplating moving to Texas 4
years ago, and her personality is such that we hit it off immediately; it was only natural to reach out to her again when we were ready to
sell our home and move to a new location.
Sally is passionate and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to her profession. Having sold us this house originally, Sally knew of
both its benefits as well as its shortcomings. She gave us a hit list–six pages long!–of things she recommended we do in order to
maximize interest and the return on our investment. Grumbling under my breath–and under my wife’s guidance–I grudgingly knocked out
every single item on that “To Do” list over a period of 3 months. When the time came to list, she was elated that we did everything and
was confident in listing the house for $35000 more than she originally thought we’d be able to hit the market at. She confided that most
people only do a handful of things and generally get what they’re asking for, but since we did so much work, she felt we might get more
than the asking price, and did we ever! We listed at $460K and thanks to Sally’s guidance and expertise, we closed last week at $600K.
I doubt anyone else would have gotten us over the finish line with such an amazing offer. She’s a treat to work with, knows her stuff, and
is an all-around awesome person. I wish every agent could be a Sally, but then she wouldn’t stand out as being the super-special person
she is. Having worked with realtors of questionable characters in the past, Sally is the epitome of honesty and a true delight; we’d never
consider using anybody else.

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