Subhanand Sinha

May 7, 2024

It has been truly a great experience working with Barrett since the day he was referred to
me by my friend. To be honest, I was working with a Redfin agent prior to being referred
to Barrett, and I could see the difference in approach. Barrett gets into the details and
does his independent research. His inputs helped me and my wife in deciding on the

offers we made on properties in and around Austin. The property we recently closed
was also not in the market yet, but Barrett was quick to get into a discussion and help
us with his analysis on long-term appreciation and good rental value.
Our experience with Barret in the entire process of buying a rental property has been
great. His knowledge of local neighborhoods, what works and what doesn’t works is a
valuable insight for any home buyer working with him. We would definitely be
recommending him to our friends who may be interested in their primary or rental
homes in and around Austin.

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