Trenton James

Nov 17, 2023

I recommend Realty Austin because of Sally Pierce. Sally is an amazing person and just a phenomenal agent. She is by far the hardest
working, most knowledgeable agent we have worked without of the last 11 moves. Sally walked us through each step of the process and
was always available to address any immediate concerns. She was also compassionate, understandable, empathic, and counseled us
through the pressures of moving. We were able to get important things done to get the house ready to sell because of the contractors and
businesses who knew Sally and would drop everything to do the job because of their respect for Sally. She also provided needed
assistance with prep work for showing the home, including some of her own products to help. It’s because of Sally Pierce that we had
multiple offers on our home within two days, and we went on to sell our house about three weeks after going on the market. So YES, we
would highly recommend Sally Pierce to anyone looking for an agent to sell their home. She is the only agent we will use if we return to
the Texas market.

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