Adam C.

Aug 31, 2020

In fall 2017, we were back for round 2 with Eric. We decided to sell our Travis Heights home and buy a place with more space. Being on the sell side was more stressful, but Eric and his team were a huge help. Eric pulled neighborhood comparisons from recent homes that had sold and took all of our (many) questions before landing on the right asking price.

To ensure our house commanded the best offer, he provided tips about how we could make sure our home was presented at its best. In addition to just Eric, he employs a fantastic team that made sure we had all of the necessary documents ready to go for when we eventually received the right offer. The good news is that we received that offer within 30 days of putting our home up for sale and the buyer closed within 60 days.

On the buy side, we were much more educated and sure of what we wanted this time around. Eric worked with us and showed us homes in many different neighborhoods that fit the profile and price range of something that interested us. He was even able to suggest areas we hadn’t even thought of based on feedback we provided.

After looking for a few months, we stumbled upon a new addition in a neighborhood that we liked and pulled the trigger. Once again, Eric helped facilitate all of the necessary negotiations, inspections and back and forth with the seller. We closed in under 30 days and moved in shortly thereafter. It’s been almost a year and we’re very pleased with our home and couldn’t be happy with the neighborhood.

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