Adam S.

Aug 29, 2020

I’ve had experience with a few different realtors over the last 10 years and have purchased both rental properties as well as my primary home. Eric helped our family with our last home and primary residence as we were looking for a new realtor at the time. We found him after reading reviews on Yelp and decided to take the chance and give him a ring.

Me and my wife liked him immediately. The thing we immediately noticed was that he didn’t make assumptions or project his own biases on us. We’ve worked with other realtors in the past that seemed to make way too many assumptions or judgements instead of trying to understand what we were looking for. Eric was extremely patient, receptive, and down to earth without being presumptuous or pushy.

He’s one of the most knowledgable people in the Austin market and that became clear pretty quickly. He’s very humble, but we later found out that he’s not only a realtor, but a property manager and investor in Austin. This gives Eric a ton of perspective on what makes a good investment and how to get a good deal done.

He’s got very high integrity and beyond everything else, he truly has his clients’ best interests at heart.


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