Adrienne S.

Apr 23, 2021

I MUST shout to the world that this is the BEST REAL ESTATE company to ever go through. I thought that selling my house would be stressful but Bailey Moran from Bramlett Residential  made it literally SO easy that I never had to lift a finger or even think about what the next step was. The entire crew Bailey, Felix, Stephen, Brianna (especially Bailey Moran!!!!), were constantly there for ANYTHING that I needed, which includes questions, concerns, information, etc. Anytime that I had a question, I literally got a response in less than an hour no matter what time of day or night with a full amount of information. Everyone on the team was so kind to explain the entire process to me (I had no idea how the process went or what I was doing but they ensured I knew EVERYTHING). I would receive “heads up” emails about what was going to happen within the next upcoming days and weeks. DocuSign and Notarize online were very helpful apps that we used and I got everything done from when I was overseas and far away. When I sold my house, I got the full amount the very same closing day within minutes. I could not have ever found a better company, these guys EXCEEDED my expectations to the max. Thank you so much Bailey Moran!!! You are truly the BEST

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