Douglas and Paula Marwill

Oct 10, 2022

We selected Lindsey Pearlstein to represent us in the purchase of a large home in Round Rock, TX and to sell our existing house, which was also in Round Rock. We selected Lindsey based upon a personal recommendation, our personal interview with her and our instincts from past real estate transactions. She did not have as many years of experience, however she clearly knew the details and pitfalls of buying/selling real estate from working with her real estate agent father.

We had to endure the stress of placing a purchase bid for a house against five other buyers for the same property. Lindsey has an excellent team supporting her, which was invaluable in selecting the correct purchase offer to make on the new house. Lindsey provided excellent document support and coordination with the seller’s agent in concluding the transaction.

The selling of our existing house had its share of major issues. Lindsey provided advice in sorting through multiple potential buyers’ offers, as well as negotiating repairs requested by the buyers. The difficulty of this complete experience was minimized for us by Lindsey’s persistent attention to details, close coordination with the selling/buying agents and a good support team which had good experience and statistics to support their recommendations. The listing photographs Lindsey produced of our house with its virtual furniture staging in each room (all the rooms were empty) was truly outstanding and realistic. All of the listing photographs made the house look it very best. We would highly recommend Lindsey.