Enrique Sanchez

Apr 12, 2023

Purchasing or selling real estate can be a very frustrating experience especially if you don’t live in the property area. There is need for meetings, showing, repairs and dealings that require your approval and to have your eyes on the property. My frustration ended when I decided to call Ruth Powers. I have used her services before so I knew of her high level of professionalism. But this time it was a compete package, the experience of having her involved in the improvements phase paid off dividends achieving a high level of presentation to this unit; which resulted in an immediate sale and a very well presented and efficient unit for the new owners. She was able to work with my contractor and have a positive impact in the final overall result. She represented her company and the realtors association as a team who care for our needs and was able to produce immediate positive results. Mrs. Powers have the expertise and she was able to take the time needed to produce great results. For me she is a great knowledgeable realtor and I will be happy to recommend her and her company to anyone who asks my opinion.

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