Flying Frenchman

May 12, 2023

I don’t do social media and I rarely give reviews. But after the world class service I received from my realtor, Kasey Gilliam, and her broker, Bramlett Residential Real Estate, I felt compelled to share my experience. I’ve learned that buying or selling a house can be a traumatic event, but it doesn’t have to be. Having experienced real estate trauma before I never imagined I’d feel so comfortable and so confident with an agent’s plan, process, and team. From our initial meeting through closing it was clear to my wife and I that Kasey knew our Northwest Hills neighborhood, understood the market, and followed a process which maximizes successful outcomes. She recommends the best day and time to list by season, by month, by day, by time. She uses the most comprehensive, current market data available to recommend a very narrow price range which is supported by recent comps, thus maximizing probability of a quick sale at or below appraised value. Kasey has a team of at least six individuals who support her logistically and administratively, allowing her to focus her attention and efforts where and when she needs to. Kasey’s broker, Eric Bramlett supports Kasey and her clients. One example is staging. Kasey and her broker paid for staging our house for up to 60 days. How many real estate agents/brokers take on this additional risk and put their money where their mouth is? Kasey follows a very detailed, specific process. She’s a CPA with lots of financial experience which compliments her real estate experience. Kasey made recommendations which I’ve never heard from another realtor which make sense. An example is her recommendation to get our house pre-inspected before we listed it on the market. At first I thought why would I as the seller want to pay for a buyer’s expense? I quickly understood; her goal is to reduce or eliminate as many friction points as possible between buyer and seller. We provided the buyer with our pre-inspection up front and set the conditions for mutual trust and limited negotiations. In some ways we were lucky to get a quick sale in a tight market. In other ways, Kasey maximized our chances for a successful outcome by setting the conditions for success. Thank you Kasey and the entire Bramlett team for helping us and our buyers achieve our goals without drama or trauma!

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