Janelle L.

Apr 30, 2021

My realtor was Vicki Duran and she is hands down the most professional, genuine, kind, and patient realtor I’ve ever had.

We are first time home buyers and not only was she prompt in answering our questions and concerns, (and let me tell you, we ask a lot of questions) but she also would go as far as to give us extra information that we did not think to ask her. If we forgot something, we knew that we could rely on Vicki to bring these things to our attention. She was our realtor as well as our counselor for buying a home.

She even went out of her way as we approached our closing date and helped us with our walkthrough! She stated that she wanted to be there and I’m glad she was because she caught a lot of things that we did not.

I know realtors are busy people and what makes one stand out from the rest is their quality of communication, genuine character, and their willingness to go the extra mile to help us find a home that we will love. Vicki does all these things and more and I felt so secure and confident with her as my realtor. She really made all the difference in our lives, especially during these difficult times!