Jennifer Leftwich

Feb 13, 2023

Molly is an outstanding real estate agent. I was extremely fortunate to be connected to her through a mutual personal trainer. I had been renting for years, and was interested in finally investing in my own home. Knowing I was a first-time home buyer, she went above and beyond in providing me with a binder and sitting down with me and explaining everything to me. I could take the binder home, make notes, contact her with questions, and she was so happy to share her wealth of knowledge on all the details of searching for homes, putting in offers, and the process of closing. Even when I decided not to buy for an entire year, she not only understood my decision, but kept the perfect distance. She provided me with monthly info about the market and houses within my budget/criteria, but didn’t bug me or harass me at all.
During the shopping process, she was SO patient with me as I thought I knew what I wanted but backed out. I finally got my sweet little starter home at a fantastic price, even though I had to bid against other buyers. Molly was encouraging, always providing helpful insight into each house we looked at, and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone. She’s professional, very intelligent and knowledgeable in her field, and extremely kind and patient.