Julie H.

Aug 31, 2020

I was lucky enough to have been referred to Eric as the right person to handle the sale of my mother’s home. Both Eric and his team were wonderful to work with for a variety of reasons. He has a deep understanding of Austin’s real estate market and has a team that work efficiently to support the many areas that need to be attended to in the course of selling a home quickly and for top dollar. As someone who has handled a few real estate transactions but would never be considered an expert, the expertise and efficiency were deeply appreciated. I had manageable tasks and goals that meant that the sale would go smoothly. I like that. What I LOVED was that I always felt like I had a friend on my side. That Eric was going to hear my concerns or questions and treat me with respect and then offer me sage advice. He is just a nice person too. You know, very real and kind. I have never even once felt like I was just a transaction. I could thank him every day for that. I may just. I also plan to have him help me make my next move!

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