Kendall Craig

Jan 11, 2023

My first review ever given goes to Philip Myers, who was instrumental in securing a home for us. Let me tell you we started searching and was very disappointed in our search. We were not able to make big offers and with that said Philip didn’t give up on us, we spent almost a year going back and forth on different types and locations all not in the area we were dreaming.

Well now we ran across the one in the right area and price range, but again stiff competition from investors and flippers. This is where a great agent can make or break your deal as he has the ear of the listing agent and is able to speak on your behalf. This is where Philip shines, he spoke on our behalf still to this day what that sounded like we do not know, but after meeting the listing agent and hearing her comments we knew Philip had been very good at what he does.

I found Philip to be Stead Fast with his commitment to our wants and was instrumental in helping us land a home that checked all the boxes we had originally asked him to find. He had a tall order as we had a budget that was not very wide in range in seller’s market. Wife and I are very indebted to Philip for staying with it and not give up on us.

I don’t give reviews everyone wants one before you even finish a transaction with that said we will be giving Philip our listing when we sell a few years from now when we retire to my wife’s country.

Call him have him work for you we feel he gives every client the same attention, he could have just let us fade but didn’t that say’s everything for us.

Thank you, Philip


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