Kyle Hogan

Apr 12, 2023

I have to start off by saying that we were the quintessential naive first time home buyers. We walked into this with a little money and no clue what to do. Despite our lack of experience and constant questions, these ladies were extremely patient and kind! Ruth was our rock during all the issues that we experienced with the first lender. There were many times I would look at my phone, read email and I would immediately be filled with stress and anxiety. Almost instantly I would receive a follow-up email from Ruth and she was taking care of it. We put 100% trust in Ruth and she never let us down. Even after filing two applications with one lender and then having to switch to a different lender, Ruth was there for us and never gave up. I cannot express how grateful we are to have the privilege to work with Ruth. Also, I have been sharing the gospel of Ruth to everybody and referring her to all of our house looking friends.

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