Michael Magri

Dec 21, 2023

Amazing Results from Teri Schock – a Talented, Hard Working, Expert Realtor.

Teri was referred to us by a friend who is also a realtor – they told us she was the best we could work with in the area. From the start, it was obvious that Teri really understood the market, how to make our house as attractive as possible and how to build a strategy for once it was on the market.

Teri guided us through preparing our home for sale – what would have the most impact, what to not waste time/money on and how to best prepare ourselves for the process.

Teri worked so hard for us in preparing for the market – staging, landscaping touches needed and being in the best possible light for photos and a virtual tour.

At a time when some houses in our neighborhood were on the market for nearly a year, we had two weekends of busy open houses, resulting in several offers. Teri offered her expertise to us on how to wait for the best possible offer, how to adjust price and helped us negotiate on the most attractive offer.

Thanks to Teri’s strategy, understanding of the market and ability to communicate effectively with other realtors, our house was under contract in less than 28 days. At the end of the process, we walked away within 3% of the amount we told Teri we were hoping to get at the very beginning of working together (before things began to slow down in NW Austin).

We were so impressed with Teri’s understanding of the market, how to best present our home to prospective buyers, how to handle negotiations, preparation for the close and how to stay on an even keel throughout.

We are happy to provide the highest recommendation possible for Teri. It was truly a pleasure working with her and we always felt better after a conversation or update.

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