Becca B.

Aug 31, 2020

My husband and I both accepted jobs in Austin at the end of June to start in mid-July, relocating from Cincinnati. We wanted to find a home that we could move into pretty quickly, which meant we needed a realtor who could work with us right away. Vicki Duran of Bramlett was fantastic. I read some reviews and reached out to her, and she was able to meet us two days later and spend a whole weekend looking at houses with us. She even offered to pick us up from the airport! Without her dedication, we could not have found the house we are in now. We didn’t find a house the weekend we were here and ended up putting an offer in on a house that Vicki went to see for us when we were back in Cincinnati. She gave us details on the house that weren’t listed online and advised us on the best offer we could make and we got the house! She was fantastic throughout the whole process and always within reach when we had a question. Thanks Vicki!

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