Jul 22, 2023

Linda Baddour is truly an outstanding real estate agent. We had the absolute pleasure of working with an exceptional partner during the process of buying our new house. As we move from California, Linda has been our ears and eyes on the ground in Austin. From the very beginning, Linda has gone above and beyond all our expectations; unmatched professionalism, a solution-oriented approach, unwavering commitment, proactive and timely responses, and always genuinely helpful; It took us almost a year to find a home; Linda was always one step ahead and planned to make house buying experience 100% hassle-free. Linda took the time to understand our needs and preferences and navigated patiently throughout the process.

Linda’s knowledge of the local market was astounding, as she provided insightful information and guided us through every step of the process, from insurance to local lending agencies. I cannot recommend Linda enough for anyone looking to buy a house.

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