E. K.

Sep 17, 2021

This is my fourth…yes, my fourth real estate transaction with Tara McGuire! I’ve used Tara to buy and sell our family home, and then again for  investment properties. Buying and/or selling a home today in Austin, TX can be very overwhelming, as this city is in such high demand and the desire for homes are outweighing the supply. Tara has been in Austin and in the real estate industry for over 20 years, so she is not only a top agent in Austin, she’s a local! There was never a question I had to ask because it was already answered. She simplified every complication, minimized every major detail and ensured that every base was covered. One of her greatest qualities is that she is far more than just an agent to her clients. She’s honest and goes above and beyond her role as a sales representative to ensure her clients are making sound decisions. She truly gets to know her clients and works tirelessly to find the perfect fit for their family.  Client’s  that work with her don’t just thank her and move on; they continue to have a longstanding relationship that includes forever having her in your corner for advice on any and everything Austin. She’s the definition of your superhero! Buying or selling is such an emotionally fragile time and Tara will hold your hand through it all. She will be your suit of armor and go to bat for you all through the county. Tara will continue working with you until you have exactly what you desire, while honestly telling you what you can and cannot afford, should do, shouldn’t do, need to do, etc. Home buying and selling is a stressful but exciting time and can make some people (like me) turn into a crazy person, but Tara will keep you calm and positive. Most importantly, she always works her magic and somehow, someway, she makes every part of the entire transaction perfect and you end up with way more than you wanted!