Erin Seeley

Jun 9, 2021

I was initially quite leery of entering the crazy Austin Real Estate market. I’d heard horror stories about bidding wars with over 30 offers, having to pay $100,000 over asking price, and houses not appraising for the contract price. When I first spoke with Craig McGuire of Bramlett Residential Real Estate, he was realistic about the current market, but optimistic that he would find me a place that I would love and would feel comfortable with the purchasing process. Early on, I found a couple of homes that I was tempted to submit an offer for. Craig was thorough in his research of the homes and comps and was able to steer me away from a house that was not going to appraise and another that had potential to be a messy situation all around. When I finally found “the one” Craig went above and beyond to help me put together a strong offer that I could feel comfortable with. He made himself available whenever I need to talk out the situation and alleviate any of my concerns. Ultimately, I was able to have a quick closing on a house that I love with a purchasing situation that was definitely not the nightmare that I had feared. For someone who is considering wading into the Austin Real Estate market, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Craig McGuire!

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