Felix Z.

Mar 15, 2022

Our agent Lauren Yoder was simply put incredible for us. She went above and beyond for us to help me and my partner find a home in our price range and desired location. The housing market in Austin has been insane in recent times, and we were starting to lose hope on finding a house at all in the near future. However Lauren never lost sight of the goal, and whether it be calling us in her off time to scheduling house tours on weekends, Lauren did everything she possibly could do to help us win bids and close. Lauren was also fantastic as a teacher to us in regards to homes. As first time buyers she really helped explain things we had no clue about. From learning about the different kinds of HVAC systems and water heaters to how certain cracks in ceilings indicate foundation damage to always checking for gutters, Lauren never left us uninformed about anything we needed to know about owning a home. We will definitely be keeping in touch with her in the future for any questions or advice we have with our new home! In conclusion, Lauren Yoder is a 10/10 agent and is someone I would highly recommend to first time buyers for a smooth experience in buying a home! Our thanks again to Lauren and her team for all of her help!