Jacquelyn Spear

May 4, 2023

Vicki Duran is an amazing realtor!

This is our second time using Vicki. She helped us buy our first house in 2017 and was fantastic throughout that process. She made sure to keep the builder on target to complete as promised and made sure that whole process was painless and easy.

We ended up choosing a different realtor to sell that house in 2020 and honestly regretted it. I wish we had used Vicki at that time.

When we decided to move back to Austin I reached out to Vicki and she was again, amazing. Because of our busy life and my crazy work schedule, we weren’t able to actually go into Austin to find our house. We also ended up seeing the perfect house on the market a few months before we had decided to seriously start looking. In 24 hours, Vicki discussed the pros and cons of buying a house earlier than planned, set up a tour, and the toured the house for us. She then went again with my sister to make sure it was what we wanted.

We had a much more complicated process with this house- a lease back, difficulty with lenders, buying without ever setting foot in the house- and Vicki made it simple. I would definitely recommend her to anyone (and already have!)

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