Jesus Puga Jr.

May 12, 2023

I had the pleasure of working with Vivia Robertson from Bramlett Residential. Throughout the entire process, Vivia demonstrated a high level of professionalism, attentiveness, and efficiency. What stood out most about Vivia was her keen attention to detail. She took the time to carefully listen to my needs and preferences, and worked diligently to find properties that met my requirements. Her insightful advice and guidance helped me to make informed decisions, and she was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Vivia’s communication skills were also exceptional. She kept me informed every step of the way, and ensured that I fully understood all aspects of the buying process. Her approachable demeanor and friendly attitude made me feel at ease throughout the entire experience. Overall, I would highly recommend Vivia to anyone seeking a professional and knowledgeable realtor. Her dedication to her clients and commitment to excellence make her an asset in any real estate transaction. I am grateful for her assistance and thankful for a smooth and successful home buying experience!

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