Kim Neusch

Aug 31, 2022

Linda Baddour is phenomenal! We decided to move to Austin with only 3 weeks before school started. We wanted to find a home and get our child enrolled in school quickly.

Linda went straight to work, she listened to what we wanted and was very helpful in recommending neighborhoods with good schools. We saw about 16 houses in one day because I was on a mission to find the perfect house in one weekend! She was a trooper and we found the perfect home made an offer and had everything wrapped up quickly.

Because of Linda’s strong network of people she was able to refer us to for funding and inspection services, we were able to close in 3 weeks.

She went above and beyond for us even meeting us for the final walk through very early in the morning!

I highly recommend Linda Baddour she was professional, efficient and full of helpful advice.

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