Marcela V.

Aug 11, 2020

If anyone is looking to re-locate to Austin or to purchase a home, I’d recommend working with Will Mackintosh at Bramlett Residential. He is professional and very experienced with the Austin market & surrounding areas. I was flying into town from NY for just a few days and communicated with Will via email. I was interested in a few condos and he quickly responded and provided me with a detailed breakdown of rent comps and an investment analysis on all the units I inquired about. This included HOA fees, estimated mgmt fees, insurance, interest rates etc. The data helped me understand the market and also the appreciation values year over year. Receiving this prior to my arrival was great. This shows how prepared Will is as an agent. He works with #’s and that’s the most important thing when considering a purchase.

Will was friendly and kept me realistic when it came to what I could find with in my budget parameters. He even put me in contact with a local lender who I connected with to answer my questions in regards to loan approval and interest rates for investment or secondary properties. Having fast and good client service is important when you are making a buying decision. Will was quick, responsive and very helpful for someone looking to re-locate.

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