Sienna K.

Aug 25, 2020

We worked with Will Mackintosh to sell our home in south Austin 78745 area. Will is a great guy who communicate effectively, knowledgeable about the Austin market, and has the resources to help you in situations. No house transaction is prefect, but Will can make it the best possible, especially if you are out of state seller or buyer, he will be there for you.


Will’s team did a wonderful job at marketing, Staging and taking pictures. We received offer after the 1st weekend on the market.


Will has great resource to help you in special situation. In our transaction, after the inspection, we were surprised that the buyer claim there is a foundation issue and need a big cut in price. Will quickly connect a foundation engineering firm to verify the claim. Turns out the foundation was perfectly fine, no repair needed. Thankful for Will’s fast response navigate the situation and communicate effectively with seller to save us. This is a key differentiator service between an ok realtor to a great realtor like Will.


Will always go above and beyond to do whatever it takes. I have to clear up the house for staging and picture day. My husband already moved out of state, so I cannot move the heavy stuff to our garage. Will emailed me saying- he will move the heavy stuff. There are so many other example like this that Will just so helpful.

If you are looking for a great realtor, give Will a call. He will be there for you. I will refer him to my family and friend group.