10 Reasons Why Is Everyone Moving to Texas in 2023

, Sep 11, 2023

Are you considering a move to the Lone Star State but need a nudge in the right direction? Texas is an alluring destination for many reasons, from the thriving economy to the affordable cost of living, top-tier education institutions, and diverse culture. Not to mention the fantastic climate and wide range of recreational opportunities that await you. Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why everyone is moving to Texas in 2023!

Short Summary

  • Texas offers economic opportunities, tech hubs, manufacturing growth, and affordable living.
  • It boasts renowned universities such as UT Austin & Baylor University, diverse cultures, and outdoor activities for all seasons.
  • Sports teams, events & fitness training abound in the Lone Star State making it an attractive destination to live or visit!

Economic Opportunities in the Lone Star State


The Lone Star State of Texas has been drawing in people who are attracted by the thriving economic atmosphere created by main industries like energy, tech, and manufacturing. This impressive job market offers multiple work prospects for both businesses and those seeking employment, which is why individuals have decided to move to the state due to its cheap cost of living. The successful economy continues to be one of the major factors that draw people into making a life here or furthering their careers within this great region.

Energy Sector

The job prospects in the energy sector of Texas are plentiful, with many Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil and Phillips 66 based there. In fact, three-quarters of all positions related to oil and gas can be found within this state. This makes it a very attractive option for those interested in an occupation connected to energy production. Salaries ranging from $89,000 up to $140k offer strong incentives too! Valero Energy is also one example of these enterprises offering ample opportunities. They have their headquarters located here as well.

Technology Hub

Texans have a strong connection with technology and innovation, which is seen through the many tech corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft that are based in the state. Leading aerospace firms such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines NASA, Boeing, and Airbus call Texas home. This creates remarkable possibilities for those wishing to excel within this field of work due to its abundant resources. Texans’ extensive past involvement in technological advancements also gives them an upper hand when it comes to utilizing these same skills today, enabling individuals from across various industries to prosperous opportunities unparalleled elsewhere.

Manufacturing Growth

Texas is a booming economy with an extensive manufacturing industry, and this sector provides thousands of job opportunities. Some of the most well-known Fortune 500 companies based in Texas include General Motors, Lockheed Martin, KBR, and Dell, who all contribute to its economic development. Nearly 900,000, with close to 900,000. Texans employed across multiple industries within the state’s thriving manufacturing base – which has average salaries set above $90k – it’s no surprise that such a crucial role plays out for prosperity here.

Affordable Living in Texas

Texas is a great option for those looking to get more out of their money due to its lower cost of living. There are numerous factors that contribute towards this, starting with the housing costs that lie below other states and even national averages. This means consumers can save up on everyday expenses since consumer prices in Texas are also lower than elsewhere. Adding to savings would be utilities, making monthly bills much easier on one’s pocketbook, as well as transportation-related fees such as gas or car insurance being cheaper here too! Ultimately, these all combine together resulting in an attractive overall low-cost lifestyle when moving to Texas.

Housing Costs

Texas is an attractive option for those looking to purchase a home due to the lower-than-average housing costs across the state. The median home value in Texas sits at $335,000 – significantly cheaper than the national average of around $436,000 – while San Antonio’s median price is even more affordable: hovering around the mid-$300s. This affordability has brought many people from states such as California, where prices are especially high. With its median value sitting at over one million dollars in cities like San Francisco.

Comparison to West Coast

Texas is much more budget-friendly than the pricier West Coast region, notably California. Its size alone – 1.65 times larger than California in terms of land area, makes it quite a viable option for people who want to make some financial changes in their lives.

The cost of living here in Texas is comparatively lower compared to other states on the US’ western seaboard and its economic prospects are highly desirable. Making this an attractive locale if you wish not only avoids expensive costs but also opens up new opportunities available from within Texas itself!

Utilities & Transportation Savings

Texas residents benefit from comparatively cheaper utility and transportation expenses. To the national average. These savings can be seen on bills for cable, water, electricity, and natural gas, which are all less expensive than elsewhere. Those with electric vehicles could save up to $1500 a year due to refueling costs compared to traditional fuel cars, This lower cost helps make Texas an attractive option when looking at overall financial well-being.

Tax Benefits: No State Income Tax

For those looking for a financial motive to relocate, Texas is certainly appealing. The state has no personal income tax – the seventh in the nation that can make this claim – and thus residents will keep more of their money than elsewhere. Businesses also take advantage of different available tax incentives in the Lone Star State as well. All these benefits make moving to Texas an attractive proposition when it comes to finances!

Income Tax Savings

If you move to Texas from a state with an income tax, the absence of such taxation could save you between $2,000 and $6,000 per annum based on your salary. Coupled with its lower cost-of-living expenses as well compared to other states, this makes it advantageous for individuals aiming to improve their financial situation. With no state income taxes in place in Texas, residents can significantly reduce their expenditures each year and still enjoy all that living here has to offer!

Business Tax Incentives

Texas is an attractive place to do business, as it offers tax incentives and exemptions on sales taxes that provide a competitive edge. These include special deals for franchise businesses looking to move into the area along with support for renewable energy initiatives, research & development projects, plus other state-backed economic activities. Data center equipment and infrastructure enjoy generous exemption from sales taxes in Texas – encouraging more companies to set up shop there while creating new job opportunities too!

Top-Tier Education Institutions

Texas is home to some of the finest educational establishments in the country. Both Baylor University and The University of Texas at Austin are renowned for their quality teaching, research opportunities, and overall excellence, ultimately strengthening the state’s economy with an influx of highly skilled professionals. These two institutions are regarded as celebrated schools that have earned recognition across both national and international arenas alike.

University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is a highly respected university that serves an impressive 51,000 students and has earned international acclaim for its research-oriented curricula. Its achievements in academia are remarkable to behold.

Rice University shares the same commitment to forward-thinking endeavors as it hosts The Texas Advanced Computing Center, one of the mightiest supercomputers on earth and indisputable evidence of their groundbreaking innovations.

Baylor University

Baylor University in Texas is renowned for its exceptional academic programs and lively campus atmosphere. A place that appeals to students from all over, it offers more than 150 undergraduate and graduate degree courses across a range of disciplines such as Business, Education, Engineering Law, and Science. With scholarly excellence combined with an encouraging university culture, it’s easy to understand why Baylor University attracts some of the best minds globally.

Cultural Diversity: A Melting Pot of Traditions

The state of Texas is a cultural melting pot, renowned for its diversity and the inclusion it provides to those who inhabit it. This distinctive atmosphere stems from multiple influences such as cowboys, Cajuns, and Tejanos – composed of African Americans and Anglo-Americans – along with Irish immigrants adding Richness to this special culture. These differing heritages are all embraced in creating an open and inviting environment that one can find throughout Texas.

Multilingual Population

The cultural diversity of Texas is enhanced by its population’s multilingualism. Around 40% are Spanish speakers, 5% Vietnamese and 2% Chinese. This great patchwork quilt of languages adds to the energetic culture in the state and encourages an attitude that promotes understanding among inhabitants.

International Migrants

Texas has become increasingly attractive to migrants from around the world, including Mexico and other countries in Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and Asia. Such immigrants help shape its vibrant cities with their valuable contributions to cultural diversity.

The state’s international appeal Enhances its already innovative urban centers by promoting a vast array of unique cultures among residents. This broadens Texas’ creativity for continued success within multiple industries as people bring different skills that ultimately create more opportunities than ever before seen there.

Climate & Outdoor Recreation

Texas boasts a climate that is perfect for outdoor activities, with warm winters and sultry summers. This type of environment contributes to the state’s distinctive culture as well as gives Texans plenty of opportunity to enjoy recreational pursuits year-round. Let’s take a closer look at some advantages of Texas’ climate and the varied outside leisure possibilities it offers its citizens.

Warm Weather Benefits

Texas offers a unique and special environment, distinct from any other state. With its warm Gulf of Mexico waters creating an atmosphere with increased humidity, it has created the perfect climate for outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, camping, and fishing. Texans benefit from this kind of pleasant weather all year round, making Texas ideal for escaping colder climates while also enjoying the friendliness among locals that comes along with living in these conditions.

Four Seasons Experience

Texas is renowned for its pleasant temperatures but also offers all four seasons, which allows an extensive selection of recreational activities around the state. Summertime brings a bevy of water sports and beach fun while spring and fall offer great opportunities to enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking or biking. Even in the cooler winter months, Texas has plenty to explore with beautiful parks and lakes plus special events held throughout this season too.

Outdoor Activities

Texas is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise with plenty of recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports. People can explore the state parks or take it up a notch with extreme sports options like rock climbing, skydiving, and white-water rafting – all while enjoying year-round weather conditions that provide perfect opportunities to get out in nature! With so many choices for fun outdoors, there are countless ways to enjoy what Texas has to offer when it comes to leisure time.

Most Popular Cities

The great state of Texas provides a variety of attractions, employment opportunities, and distinct lifestyles across its cities. From the bustling urban cityscape in Dallas to San Antonio’s rich cultural atmosphere, it is easy to find an area that suits one’s individual tastes.

Let us now take a deeper look at some well-known places within this iconic Lone Star State destination. Texas offers so much diversity among its cities, each providing different job prospects and satisfying whatever lifestyle one desires!


Located in the heart of Texas, Austin is an attractive spot for many young professionals due to its unique culture and booming tech industry. To these features, citizens can enjoy recreational opportunities as well as a range of green spaces within master-planned communities that offer both urban living and nature at their fingertips. Its reputation as having one of the most vibrant cultures along with plentiful job market possibilities make this bustling city even more desirable.

San Antonio

San Antonio has a long and vibrant history, which is reflected in its low cost of living. This city attracts people with the mid-$300s median home price, a good deal for affordable housing seekers looking for an exciting place to live or visit! Alamo and Six Flags Fiesta Texas are known symbols representing this location’s potential enjoyment opportunities. These attractions make it even more inviting.

People can take advantage of all San Antonio has to offer while not spending too much on accommodation thanks to this reasonable cost associated with residency here.


Houston is an attractive destination for many professionals due to its strong job market and affordable housing. Home to various industries, such as energy, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare, there are plenty of diverse job opportunities on offer. The city’s unique culture is boosted by a range of attractions including museums, galleries, theaters, and music venues that cater to all kinds of interests. Making it the ideal place to work or live in!


Dallas is a major city known for its expansive business network, luxury shopping opportunities, and an impressive art district. The headquarters of AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and Texas Instruments are all based here – making it an attractive destination for professionals from numerous disciplines.

Not only that, but Dallas also offers plentiful entertainment options with upscale retail outlets. To the renowned artsy area which holds plenty of cultural activities suitable both for locals as well as tourists.

Sports Scene in Texas

Texas is home to an energetic and burgeoning sports scene, with professional teams like the Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys as well as ample events for fitness training. The Lone Star State offers plenty of options in terms of cheering on pro-sports clubs or attending physical activity-related functions. From watching a game at AT&T Stadium to participating in yoga classes – if it’s athletics you’re interested in then look no further than this proud state!

College & Professional Sports

Texas boasts a thriving sports scene that caters to all kinds of fans. The Lone Star State has something for everyone, with the Texas Longhorns, Baylor Bears, and Dallas Cowboys providing top-tier collegiate or professional action. Even those just looking for some fun can attend an exciting Houston Rockets game or cheer on FC Dallas in MLS play.

No matter what kind of fan you are—diehard supporter or casual observer–you’ll find plenty to enjoy when it comes to Texan sports entertainment offerings. With so much variety readily available within state lines, there’s never a shortage of sporting events offering endless opportunities for leisure activities.

In short: Whether it’s college teams competing against one another come fall Saturdays or pro football at AT&T stadium during winter afternoons —Texans have access to big-time games year round!

Fitness Training & Events

Texas has a wide array of activities to keep its citizens active year-round. Those looking for fitness and health training can take advantage of workshops, community programs, marathons, or even sports events which are open for both experienced athletes as well as those who simply want to stay in shape.

The great climate is one factor that makes being physically active so much easier since outdoor activities don’t have seasonal limitations like they do elsewhere. It’s quite easy to find opportunities here whether someone prefers team sport or individual classes, the possibilities range from running contests and yoga courses up to martial arts competitions and boot camps.

Texas is known not only for its fantastic food but also for providing multiple ways people could remain fit while having fun at the same time!


The Lone Star State offers a plethora of possibilities for those looking to move there, and it’s easy to see why so many people have decided to make Texas their home. With its attractive economy, cost-effective living costs, superb educational facilities diverse culture as well as abundant recreational activities in combination with the delightful climate, all combined provide great incentives that cannot be overlooked. If you’re searching for an exciting new place that has something special waiting for anyone who visits, Texas is definitely worth considering!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does everyone want to move to Texas?

The Lone Star State has plenty to offer potential residents, with Texas providing low costs and great job prospects. It offers a range of recreational activities that are affordable thanks to its attractive real estate market coupled with the fact it doesn’t have any income tax in place. Warm temperatures combined with top universities also make this state an ideal destination for many people who want or need a change. As such, there’s no denying why so many people are making their way down south when they think about moving – after all. Texas has some amazing things on offer!

What states are moving to Texas the most?

Texas experienced the greatest population growth of any state in 2020-2021, with California having sent the most people to it. On the other hand, New Mexico had by far the highest percentage of its inhabitants shifting their base towards Texas.

What key industries drive Texas’ economy and job market?

The job market in Texas is bolstered by its energy, technology, and manufacturing sectors. These industries are the engine of economic growth for the state as well as being responsible for maintaining a high-quality standard of living. They provide jobs that contribute to strong business expansion across all regions within this great State!

How does the cost of living in Texas compare to the national average?

Living in Texas is more economically manageable than other areas of the nation, with expenses around 8% lower compared to the national average.

What types of outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Texas?

Experience the wonders of Texas and all it has to offer, like biking, hiking, and exploring state parks or lakes for some water-based adventures. Discover the beauty that this great outdoors holds!

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