9 Essential Tips for Moving to Wimberley, TX in 2023

, Aug 25, 2023

The charming small town of Wimberley, TX offers a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, breathtaking natural beauty, as well as an excellent quality of life. In this thorough guide, we will discuss why moving to such a place is favorable – from the dependable schools to its vibrant art scene. Not forgetting the various career opportunities that come with it plus the year-round outdoor activities Texas has available! Discover all about what makes up this magical area in Texan territory called Wimberley.

Short Summary

  • Wimberley, TX is a vibrant town located in the picturesque Texas Hill Country with rolling hills and scenic views.
  • The Wimberley Independent School District provides quality education while offering its residents a strong sense of community, excellent schools, and various employment opportunities.
  • The region offers diverse industries, warm weather year-round for outdoor activities as well as social clubs & volunteering to build relationships with locals.

Understanding Wimberley, TX: A Small Town with Big Charm

Nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Wimberley TX is a small town with an estimated population of 2,837 and has children attending elementary schools. It dates back to 1848 when it was established as a trading post by William Carvin Winters before being sold to Pleasant Wimberley eight decades later in 1874.

This charming village situated within Hays County boasts a median age of 46 years old while drawing people from all walks of life seeking its natural beauty and close-knit community vibe yet still having Austin’s amenities nearby at 28 miles away southwest directionally or San Antonio just 46 miles northeastwardly.

The Heart of Texas Hill Country

Living in Wimberley, TX provides residents with the opportunity to experience all that Texas Hill Country has to offer. From rolling hills and lush vegetation, there are views of the gorgeous landscape everywhere you look! Exploring around town or taking a hike on one of many trails are just some ways folks can truly enjoy being out in nature’s elements here. Whether it be visiting the famous square or simply relaxing at home admiring stunning hill country vistas, living in this wonderful area makes for an amazing place to call home.

Rolling Hills and Scenic Views

The town of Wimberley situated in the Texas Hill Country is full of appealing scenes, making it a great spot for outdoor lovers and nature admirers. This special region features an unparalleled geologic structure created by limestone and granite, which has worn away overages. Such magnificent scenery adds to the natural charm here as well as providing shelter for wildlife that includes deer, coyotes, and birds alike. The rolling hills embellish this small country village even more while still retaining its traditional look all throughout Texas.

Embracing Natural Beauty: Cypress Creek and Blanco River

Wimberley, a town in the great Texas Hill Country, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. Places like Cypress Creek and Blanco River that encircle it make perfect opportunities to explore outdoor activities such as swimming at Blue Hole Regional Park or investigating Jacob’s Well Natural Area.

Whether you are from around these parts or just visiting, Wimberley offers plenty of ways to take advantage of this gorgeous part of the country!

Wimberley’s Education System: Fostering Growth and Success


In Wimberley, education is a top priority for the community, which strives to foster growth and success among its students. The city’s own school district (the Wimberley Independent School District) covers six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The thriving educational environment here provides pupils with access to an extensive array of academic programs alongside extracurricular activities plus tailored learning experiences that prepare them perfectly for their future endeavors.

Wimberley Independent School District

The Wimberley Independent School District is an exceptional public school system that caters to more than 2,600 students from early childhood through 12th grade. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to helping each pupil reach their full potential, the district has developed a tight-knit community atmosphere where individuals can truly thrive both intellectually and personally. In order for everyone at this particular school district to be successful academically, personalized learning experiences are put into practice within the framework of extraordinary educational opportunities provided by not only faculty but also peers alike who share common values reflected in Wimberley’s friendly culture.

Elementary Schools in Wimberley

The Wimberley Independent School District is home to two outstanding elementary schools that serve the young learners of the community – Jacob’s Well Elementary and Scudder Primary. These esteemed institutions are dedicated to providing a high-quality education for their students, setting them up with impressive foundational knowledge in core subjects while also instilling within each individual a passion for learning.

By enrolling in one of these prime educational facilities, children from Wimberley reap all the advantages necessary to achieve success during their academic endeavors.

Secondary Education: Danforth Junior High School and Wimberley High School

Wimberley offers exceptional educational options for students who want to move beyond elementary school, such as Danforth Junior High School and Wimberley High School. In both of these learning institutions, there is a wide variety of courses available in the fields of mathematics, science, English language studies, and social sciences along with additional extracurricular activities which enrich their schooling experience.

In this supportive yet challenging atmosphere provided by schools like Danforth Junior High or Wimberley High Schools, youngsters are perfectly prepared if they decide to pursue higher education. Or getting right into the world of working life after leaving them.

Housing and Cost of Living in Wimberley, TX

It offers many advantages such as a strong sense of community and great educational facilities for its residents, which make up for that price gap. In terms of housing market stability and median home prices, they are reported to be at $310K while the local median household income is found to be around 63K dollars annually.

Median Home Prices

In Wimberley, median home prices surpass the national average and draw in residents eager to experience its high quality of life. Homebuyers can find a range of housing from cozy cottages to expansive mansions that will please anyone’s taste or budget.

The beautiful scenery combined with exceptional schools and strong social fabric make this an ideal place for people seeking homes here—a true sense of community is cultivated!

Median Household Income

The median household income of Wimberley stands above the national average, at $70,644 a year. The strength of its local economy with plentiful job opportunities and a highly-regarded educational system allows the citizens to maintain an excellent standard of living while taking advantage of all that this community has to offer.

Comparing to the National Average

Living in Wimberley can be a costly option compared to the national average. There are many attractive facets of living in this idyllic town. Not only does its picturesque views create an inviting atmosphere, but it also houses superb schools and has a close-knit sense of community.

Due to proximity to cities like San Antonio and Austin, one will enjoy plentiful job options as well as various cultural events for leisure activities, balancing out the higher cost associated with life here. Despite costing more than normal on average for residents residing here, Washington offers enough amenities that outweigh any added expense incurred by those taking up residence within her borders.

Navigating the Job Market: Employment Opportunities in Wimberley and Nearby Cities

Residents of Wimberley have access to an array of job opportunities in the local area. Whether it’s a business situated within city limits or another thriving industry located nearby, there are plenty of different paths for everyone with varying skills and ambitions.

In this piece, we’ll look into the employment situation surrounding Wimberley, including commuting options available and wide-ranging industries present in the region.

Local Employment Opportunities

The town of Wimberley is a great place to explore potential job opportunities, with its range of retail businesses, hospitality services, and educational facilities. It boasts both small family-run operations as well as larger enterprises, creating an abundant and competitive employment landscape.

Inhabitants can search for jobs inside or outside the area without difficulty. Consequently making it possible to attain career aspirations in the attractive cityscape that is Wimberley!

Commuting to Nearby Cities

Living in Wimberley affords the town’s residents an advantage as it lies close to bustling cities like San Antonio, Austin, and San Marcos. There are various transportation services such as buses and trains which make daily commutes for those seeking job opportunities outside of the small town quite viable. Thus, people can enjoy their rural lifestyle while accessing multiple work options from larger metropolitan areas too.

Industry Diversity in the Region

Residents of Wimberley can take advantage of the diverse range of industries and job opportunities available in their area. From technology, healthcare, and finance to manufacturing, there is a wide selection for those looking to make a change.

The local job market provides plenty of opportunities for residents who want an exciting career that matches their abilities and preferences. With such vibrant options nearby, relocating families or individuals have access to multiple paths toward success.

Wimberley boasts an abundance of industries which results in countless possibilities when it comes to employment – ensuring everyone’s needs are met within this friendly region.

Wimberley’s Climate: Enjoying Warm Weather and Outdoor Activities Year-Round

In Wimberley, Texas, the weather conditions make it ideal for outdoor activities throughout the entire year. This small town has a mild winter season with ample sunlight hours which is great for those who enjoy being outdoors. Residents of this area are able to take advantage of its warm and humid climate by engaging in different types of recreational activities available to them within the boundaries of their own cozy community or even by taking advantage of their own cozy community. Out into nature’s wonders!

Warm and Humid Climate

In the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Wimberley boasts a warm climate perfect for enjoying its range of outdoor activities. Temperatures in summer average around 93-95°F, allowing residents to make the most out of being outdoors and exploring their natural surroundings. Whether going on hikes through the scenic countryside or taking dips in nearby rivers, there’s always something to do no matter what your preferences are – all this is framed by breathtaking sights throughout the town itself. With so much nature available combined with idyllic weather conditions year-round, it’s clear why many people come from far and wide just to enjoy what Wimberley has to offer!

Mild Winters

The climate in Wimberley is mild, with temperatures usually around 10°C (50°F). This allows its residents to take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and camping all year round. The moderate weather also makes life there peaceful and calm regardless of season- a great place for those wanting an outdoorsy lifestyle throughout the entire year.

Outdoor Activities Year-Round

Wimberley is an ideal place to enjoy the great outdoors, with a range of outdoor activities that cater to every preference – from swimming and hiking in Cypress Creek Nature Preserve or Jacob’s Well Natural Area. The picturesque scenery combined with its mild climate provides plenty of opportunities for all types of people who are looking to be immersed in natural beauty. Wimberley offers something for everyone, no matter what type of outdoor enthusiast you may be!

The Vibrant Art Scene in Wimberley Valley

The Wimberley Valley is a bustling hub of creativity that offers exciting cultural experiences for its residents and visitors alike. There are countless galleries, performing arts venues, and art events happening throughout the town which bring diversity to this thriving community.

This article will take a look at some of these artistic offerings in the Wimberley Valley so readers can get an idea about what makes it such an attractive place to live or visit! From local studios where one-of-a-kind pieces come alive to annual festivals celebrating each year’s unique artwork, there is something here that everyone in the area should appreciate – no matter how long they have been part of the community!

Local Galleries and Studios

Within the Wimberley Valley, there are many galleries and studios, where artworks from both near and far can be admired. A few examples of these artistic hubs include Silo Glass Gallery + Studios as well as Art on 12. Showing off pieces such as paintings, glass creations, sculptures, or photography.

These places provide an opportunity for talented locals to spread their work around in the community, enhancing its cultural background overall.

Performing Arts Venues

Wimberley Valley is a town that proudly provides diverse performing arts experiences for its inhabitants and visitors. The EmilyAnn Theatre, the Wimberley Players, and the Fine Arts Center all deliver plays, musicals, and art shows to make sure everyone in this thriving community can appreciate different forms of entertainment. This wide array of cultural attractions adds to the special atmosphere of Wimberley creating an energetic spirit throughout the area.

Annual Art Events

Every year, Wimberley hosts two incredible art events: the Arts Fest and the Valley Art League’s Annual Studio Tour. Both of these draw in visitors from all over to appreciate local creatives’ work while also giving area artists a platform to mingle with fellow professionals and connect with members of their community.

By participating in these yearly affairs, residents help sustain an impressive array of creativity that is vital to understanding what it means to live within this specific part of Wimberley culture.

Making Friends and Building Connections: Social Clubs and Volunteering in Wimberley

The community of Wimberley is known for its welcoming atmosphere, which makes it easy for residents to connect with others and build meaningful friendships. There are numerous options available to join clubs and organizations in the area as well as take part in local events that help foster relationships between neighbors. All these activities can bring a rich sense of life into one’s stay within the town.

Thus, this article will Explore ways in which individuals living here can develop connections while making their lives more enjoyable through getting involved with the various opportunities provided by Wimberley’s warm environment.

Social Clubs in Wimberley

In Wimberley, people have numerous social clubs to join, enabling them to get together with others who share similar hobbies and preferences. The townspeople are encouraged to be a part of this close-knit community by participating in activities like those offered by the Wimberley Community Chorus or at local events hosted by the Art League. Becoming involved can help create long-lasting friendships while simultaneously providing locals with an empowering sense of belonging within their home area.

Volunteer Opportunities

Residents of Wimberley have the chance to offer their support and forge connections with others by volunteering in their community. There are a multitude of possibilities, from aiding local churches or schools to taking part in efforts that involve cleaning rivers or promoting environmental preservation initiatives. Volunteering your knowledge and time is an excellent method for making a positive impression on people around you as well as strengthening relationships within the town limits.

Community Events and Activities

Residents of Wimberley are given the opportunity to create lasting memories and build strong connections with their neighbors through a number of community events throughout the year, such as Market Days in Wimberley or the Arts and Crafts Fair. These occasions provide locals an opportunity to mingle with each other while simultaneously immersing themselves in distinctive local culture. It is also a great chance for them to interact and engage directly with numerous businesses located in Wimberley.

Preparing for Your Move: Essential Tips and Resources

Before taking the big step of moving to Wimberley, it is wise to go through all the necessary steps carefully. This will make sure that you have an easy transition into your new community and life. Here are some helpful tips and resources for getting ready:

Create a checklist of what needs doing prior to moving. Remember to update utility services as well as inform people about your address change. All these details ensure smoothness throughout this process so you can enter excitedly into this next chapter in life with confidence!

Creating a Moving Checklist

Organizing a moving list is necessary for having an efficient transition to your new residence in Wimberley. This should comprise packing materials, arranging a timeline, and what needs to be moved.

Being organized during the move can reduce anxieties by making sure that everything shows up securely at your fresh address in Wimberley.

Updating Your Address and Utilities

Relocating to Wimberley is a simple process when you take the necessary steps. One of those is updating your address and utilities, allowing for an effortless transition into the community. Start by contacting your local post office with your new address and then reach out to any utility companies connected to it as well. Don’t forget other service providers such as internet or cable so that they can be informed about where you’re going too!

When following these tips on staying organized during moving day, there will no doubt be little disruption and plenty of time spent enjoying all that this great place has in store for its residents!


If you are moving to the Texas Hill Country and its charming small town, Wimberley Texas, then this guide offers vital information for making the most of your new life in such a welcoming environment. From its warm climate perfect for outdoor activities to having great schools and lots of job opportunities available, there is certainly no shortage when it comes to finding reasons why so many have fallen in love with their home here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wimberley TX a good place to live?

Wimberley, TX is a charming little rural town with an expansive arts scene and hospitable citizens. This Texas city also boasts some of the top-notch public schools in the state, which makes it a perfect place to settle down.

Why are millionaires moving to Wimberley Texas?

Wimberley, Texas in the Hill Country has become a top spot for millionaires because of its captivating charm and attractions. The area’s offerings are not easily found elsewhere such as an array of bed and breakfasts, ziplining excursions, breweries/wineries plus stunning views that make exploring worthwhile. Those seeking outdoor activities can enjoy biking or horseback riding along with visiting any number of stores or art galleries around town.

In this part of Texas, travelers get to appreciate what makes Milwaukee so unique. Exceptional experiences packed into one destination ready to be explored, providing enough entertainment to keep people returning time after time! From hiking trails through hill country terrain where all kinds of spectacular natural beauty await discovery, it is easy to understand why many are now flocking here from near and far alike.

Is it expensive to live in Wimberley Texas?

Living in Wimberley has a cost of living that is 8.2% lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to reside compared to other areas.

What is the median home price in Wimberley, TX?

The median price of a home in Wimberley, TX is $310,000. This amount reflects the average cost for homes located in this particular city.

What is the average high temperature in Wimberley during the summer months?

In Wimberley, the typical high temperature during summer averages out to 94.3°F. July has an average of 93.6°F and August is a degree higher at 95°F.

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