Discover the Ultimate Guide to Fun Things to Do in Austin, TX

, Jan 5, 2024

Discovering the ultimate guide to having a blast in Austin, Texas, otherwise known as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” has never been easier! Home to alluring natural springs and lip-smacking barbecue, there’s an array of enjoyable attractions available for everyone. From vibrant street art displays that guarantee breathtaking visuals or just soaking up live music performances across the city,. Let’s start our exciting exploration into what you can do right away!

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the magical Barton Springs Pool and vibrant street art scene in Austin, TX!
  • Uncover Texas history at the State Capitol and indulge in authentic BBQ.
  • Enjoy live music, paddle through Lady Bird Lake, and explore Zilker Park and Hill Country’s natural wonders!

Experience the Magic of Barton Springs Pool

When in Austin, TX, be sure to check out Barton Springs Pool, a natural spring-fed pool tucked away inside Zilker Park. The water temperature is continuously warm throughout the year (68–70 degrees), and admission only costs $9 for visitors ($5 if you’re an area resident). And just south of the Congress Avenue Bridge lies the Deep Eddy Pool, where swimming can really soothe your soul since it’s filled with mineral-rich well water instead of chlorine. Admission here starts at 66–75 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t forget to bring along some footwear! Both of these oases offer great relief when temperatures get too hot while also providing easy access to South Congress and surrounding attractions like Barton Creek Greenbelt, which are definitely worth exploring.

Embrace Austin’s Vibrant Street Art Scene

Venture out and explore Austin, Texas, to find its magnificent street art. From iconic works like the “I Love You So Much” mural on South Congress Avenue near popular live music venues to hidden gems scattered throughout East Austin, you won’t be disappointed in what you discover! Not only can visitors admire these creations up close, but they have even more chances for appreciation by attending events and taking part in tours related to local street art culture, such as Haunted ATX or Lake Travis Zip Lines.

But if exploring is not enough for your creative pursuits, why not snap a few photos of some of the brilliant murals located around town? The postcard-style greetings from Austin sit proudly amongst others that provide perfect backdrops for any Instagram shot! For those looking for a great deal of information, Beyond just enjoying visuals, Wonderspaces offers immersive exhibitions where guests get immersed in unique experiences with large-scale installations all based upon fabulous artwork created locally—it’s an absolute must when visiting this city!

Don’t miss out on seeing artistic delights, so join a tour group or visit HOPE Outdoor Gallery, dedicated entirely to showcasing emerging artist talent while witnessing vibrant display images. One chooses to spend their time amidst colorfully mesmerizing masterpieces nothing compares to strolling down Congress Avenue, basking in contentment among beauty painted onto walls that exude life despite stillness appearing beneath skies filled promise above, across heart-filled scenes beyond horizons, dreams made real forevermore calling us ever closer ‘neath tales Texan night fall bellows forth declared feeling lives forever homes sounds serenity behold lies discovery awaiting gifted eyes well-suited souls finding within seek lift thy spirits high take wing far away soar adventure awaits yea reap the rewards here today yet greater riches know thee haste nor wait, come along praise praises songs sing hymns Austin streets free, yee now go blesses stay length hearths soil created vibrancy alive seen known hearts seeking!

Uncover Texas History at the State Capitol

Discover the cultural heritage of Texas at its grand state capitol, located in Austin. Marveling at this magnificent structure and picturesque grounds will enlighten you on the Lone Star State’s past. Opt for a self-guided tour or join one with groups such as Texas Capitol City Tours, which offer guided tours lasting 1 hour each, priced at $20 per person. For additional information before embarking on your journey, it is worthwhile to visit the nearby Austin Visitor Center.

Sprawling across an area of 22 acres lies a park adjacent to the revered building that serves as an ideal spot for relaxation along with picnic lunches amidst lush green scenery while taking in all aspects of its architecture. The experience doesn’t end here, though! Stop by the Bullock Texas State History Museum, where more light can be shed on captivating tales about how our beloved state developed over time from start till present day achievements are displayed there comprehensively.

Savor Austin’s Craft Beer Culture

If you’re a beer fan, Austin’s craft scene is just the place for you. With multiple breweries situated across East, North, and South Austin—including Jester King Brewery with its 165-acre estate full of farmhouse ales and wild barrel-aged brews—there’s always something unique to try nearby. Check out “21 Best Breweries in Austin for Craft Beer” if you need help picking your favorite spot!

But don’t be mistaken. This city isn’t just about suds! From Deep Eddy Vodka to Treaty Oak Distillery or cider from Dripping Springs, whatever drink you fancy can be found in abundance around town. If it’s an unforgettable speakeasy experience that tickles your taste buds then look no further than Midnight Cowboy or Small Victory, where their signature cozy dark leather interiors promise amazing service alongside delicious cocktails created specially for guests.

Whether opting for one of these watering holes serving up all sorts of drinks, alcoholic or not, searching out rare beers nestled between foodie hubs set amongst stunning Texas scenery, or enjoying a classic cold one among locals loyal to traditional tavern culture, there are tons of ways here at which those looking to explore quenchable delights galore will find exactly what they crave in The Lone Star State! Cheers!

Indulge in Authentic Texas BBQ

If you pay a visit to Austin, don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample some of its most flavorful delicacies, Texas BBQ. Famous for juicy brisket and smoky flavors, Franklin Barbecue or The Salt Lick are go-to spots if you’re looking for an exceptional culinary experience featuring mouthwatering smoked meat dishes. Tex-Mex tacos (including breakfast tacos! ), queso dip, and traditional margaritas are equally worth trying when in town! Make sure not to skip this true gastronomical adventure, as it is definitely one of the musts while visiting Austin!

Enjoy Live Music at Iconic Venues

Head to Austin, Texas, and experience why it has earned the moniker of “Live Music Capital of the World.” There’s something for every music lover here, with iconic venues such as The Continental Club, Esther’s Follies, and Antone’s Nightclub offering an abundance of live performances in a variety of genres.

Apart from that, you can also check out various events like trivia night at Alamo Drafthouse or perhaps take part in one of the most popular festivals – Austin City Limits. In other words, there is plenty going on to keep your musical entertainment needs well looked after!

So don’t wait any longer: grab those dancing shoes because this city will provide some incredible experiences through its thriving live music scene that has the potential to be your favorite band yet!

Paddle Your Way Through Lady Bird Lake

Kayaking in Austin - Campus Live Lubbock, - Texas

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape in the heart of downtown Austin, Lady Bird Lake is your answer. Home to picturesque views and calming waters, just minutes away from popular Lake Austin, it’s an ideal spot with plenty to do! From stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking/canoeing activities (all offering breathtaking views of the cityscape) to guided sightseeing cruises or Live Love Paddle’s exclusive full moon music paddles taking place on a secluded island, these experiences are hard to forget. Don’t forget about the Ann & Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail either. Located right next door, as well as the Statesman Bat Observation Center, there won’t be a shortage of amazing sights around Lady Bird Lake, making every visit unforgettable.

Stroll Down South Congress Avenue

Take your time and experience Austin by taking a slow stroll down the lively South Congress Avenue in South Austin. This bustling street is filled with unique boutiques, trendy eateries, and eye-catching graffiti—ideal for an enjoyable day of wandering around. Don’t forget to visit the “I Love You So Much” wall located at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress!

The nearby bridge connecting both sides of the Colorado River, called Congress Bridge, houses one of the largest urban bat colonies across the globe, numbering up to 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats who fly out of their caves as dusk settles in. Definitely not something you would want to miss while visiting this fabulous city!

Get Active at Zilker Metropolitan Park

If you’re looking to stay active and explore the great outdoors, Zilker Metropolitan Park has something for everyone. Spanning 350 acres of green space in Austin, Texas, this park boasts a host of outdoor activities, ranging from hiking trails and picnicking spots to more unique attractions like Umlauf Sculpture Garden or even the enchanting pathways of Zilker Botanical Gardens.

Visitors can take in all that nature offers when walking through lush greenery during their exploration of these special sites, with sculptures scattered throughout one area while an array of flora creates beautiful scenery around another section altogether! Whether it’s enjoying a family picnic near water features or simply meandering through gardens dotted with artfully constructed statues, there is plenty of enjoyment here, given the varied options on offer.

In conclusion, if friends or family are coming by town, why not consider having them join us for some fun out at Zilker Metropolitan Parks? That’s right, it doesn’t matter if they prefer quiet contemplation amidst sculpture-filled paths within beautiful botanic havens or maybe enjoy playing frisbee after lunching poolside; this verdant oasis will provide hours of entertainment for all ages alike.

Explore Texas Hill Country’s Natural Wonders

Experience the stunning beauty of Texas Hill Country and go beyond the city boundaries. There are plenty of amazing vistas to explore in this captivating area, such as Jacob’s Well, Enchanted Rock, and Hamilton Pool. The last one requires reservations from May till September so plan ahead if you want to enjoy its magnificent waters that were created by a collapsed underground river dome comfortably, remember about your swim or closed shoes!

Jacob’s is the first book of Jacob’s. Well is known for its exceptionally clear water, while visitors can marvel at the huge granite formation atop Enchanted Rock, providing them with wonderful opportunities for sightseeing, swimming, or simply taking beautiful, picturesque photos. Discovering those natural wonders around TX Hill Country will be an unforgettable adventure, not just due to their sheer splendor but also all other activities accompanying it within reach.


Visitors to the captivating city of Austin, Texas, will be in for a treat when they discover all the amazing things there are to do. From splashing around at Barton Springs Pool and exploring its rich history with a visit to the State Capitol Building, right through to experiencing vibrant live music scenes throughout downtown Austin, no matter what your preference or interests may be, you’ll find something that appeals. So pack those bags and get ready for an adventure like never before as we provide an ultimate guide to the fun activities available in this incredible Texas destination!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature of Barton Springs Pool?

Bask in the all-year-round 68-70-degree temperature of Barton Springs Pool! A natural oasis located right here in Austin, it has been a favorite spot for its natural beauty.

Where can I find iconic street art in Austin?

Experience Austin’s memorable artwork and be amazed! Visit the “I Love You So Much” mural, the “Hi, How Are You?” wall painting, and the postcard “Greetings from Austin.” All of these give a great visual impression.

What are some popular breweries in Austin?

Sample the finest craft beer Austin has to offer at popular spots like Thirsty Planet, Hops & Grain, and Oskar Blues. Discover why these breweries are top local favorites for a memorable experience!

What activities can be done at Lady Bird Lake?

Lady Bird. Lake is the perfect place to experience thrilling stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler, this lake can provide plenty of adventures!

Discover what Lady Bird has in store for you.

What natural wonders can be found in the Texas Hill Country?

Texas Hill Country is a spectacular place to explore, with wonders like Hamilton Pool, Jacob’s Well, and Enchanted Rock. These natural marvels are simply breathtaking!

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