Exploring Eanes ISD Schools in Austin, TX (2023–24)

, Oct 6, 2023

Welcome to the wonderful world of Eanes ISD schools, a prestigious school district renowned for its strong academic foundation, exceptional programs, and supportive community. But what truly sets Eanes ISD apart from other districts in Texas? Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of this outstanding district.

Key Takeaways

  • Eanes ISD is a highly-ranked school district in Austin, TX with an impressive graduation rate of 99%.
  • It provides quality education for students in grades K–12 and has achieved top-5% performance based on combined math and reading proficiency testing data.
  • It offers PreK–5 elementary schools, two exemplary middle schools, and Westlake High School, renowned for college readiness programs. All provide rigorous and engaging educational experiences with supportive environments.

Eanes ISD School Overview

Eanes ISD, the Independent School District located in Austin, TX, is proud to serve its 8,000 students across nine schools. Earning an overall rating of 4.46 out of 5 by Niche with a 99% graduation rate and 15:1 student-teacher ratio (which is below average for districts in Texas) Eanes positions itself as #14 among all 1 196 school districts within the state.

The district provides learning experiences that challenge every one of their student groups at any grade level from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Focusing on rigorous academics while incorporating exciting extracurricular activities and creating supportive communities for families seeking top-notch education options for their children.

Elementary Schools

The Austin TX school district is composed of six remarkable elementary schools, including Forest Trail Elementary and Valley View Elementary. Every single one offers PreK-5 education to the diverse student population throughout the area with a total enrollment ranging from 385 at Valley View up to 605 students in Bridge Point. The atmosphere found within each of these educational institutions encourages both academic growth as well as personal development while giving parents confidence that their child will receive top-quality schooling in an encouraging and inclusive environment.

Middle Schools


The district is home to two outstanding middle schools: Hill Country and West Ridge. Here, students can attend a wide range of courses such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and foreign languages – all with special programs like Gifted & Talented classes or Advanced Placement available for those who want more rigorous learning experiences.

They offer an abundance of extra-curricular activities including sports teams and clubs plus additional unique options like robotics club or chess so there’s something for any student interested in the area.

High School

Situated in this district is Westlake High School, acclaimed for its lofty standing both within the state and across the country. This school focuses on giving students an advantageous start to college life, as evidenced by winning prestigious awards such as the College Success Award which recognizes educational success from pre-college years forward. It provides learners with a wide range of courses coupled with many extracurricular activities so they can reach their full potential while getting ready for postsecondary studies and more!

Academic Performance

Eanes ISD is widely respected for its outstanding scores in mathematics and reading, where 70% of students are at least proficient in maths and 74% can read adequately. This remarkable achievement reflects the school’s commitment to achieving academic excellence from both faculty members as well as pupils.

Eanes district has made waves with it being 14th out of 1,196 districts across Texas based on a combined assessment score. Making it one of the highest-ranked institutions within this region. Parents should feel confident that their children will receive top-notch education which prepares them successfully for later life stages.

Achievement Gap

Eanes ISD has proven to be dedicated and unwavering in its commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for all student groups. Through numerous initiatives, progress within the district’s schools can clearly be seen with high levels of achievement amongst students as well as closing any existing performance gaps between underserved learners.

This highly impressive level of excellence by Eanes ISD demonstrates its dedication to making sure that every single one of its pupils receives equitable opportunities that will lead them to success. Regardless if they are part of an underrepresented group or not.

Advanced Courses

Eanes ISD is devoted to encouraging its students academically and has implemented Pre-AP courses in order to give them the ability they need for college-level math. They also provide advanced classes like 8th-grade Algebra 1, AP Maths, and Science, as well as other related specialized topics such as programming languages according to each student’s interests. Parents are committed when it comes to supporting their kids at the Eanes school district. Helping by providing a productive learning atmosphere while pushing them towards taking challenging levels of education which Fortifies helpful study routines.

Student Demographics

Eanes ISD is proud of its vibrant student population, which consists of 35% minority students and 65% white. There are 15%, 13%, and 6% respectively made up of Hispanic students, Asian populations, and two or more races with a 1 percent enrollment rate for Black students. This wide range in demographics allows Eanes to offer an exceptional learning atmosphere where every individual can acquire knowledge from their peers as well as become exposed to various cultures around the world.

The district was awarded a B- grade on diversity, emphasizing its commitment to fostering inclusive educational communities dedicated to elevating all levels of student success at Eanes schools across borders. Prioritizing values that respect varied cultural backgrounds present within each classroom setting, creates an environment empowering growth amongst learners, ultimately enabling them to succeed both inside and outside academic paths!

Teachers and Staff

The teachers and staff at Eanes ISD are key to the district’s educational achievement. With an average teaching experience of 8.5 years, which surpasses that of other Texas districts (6.5), Eanes has made it a priority to maintain experienced educators in their ranks. To boast a teacher certification rate above the state standard (99% as compared with 97%).

Eanes makes sure its personnel are compensated adequately for their dedication. Salaries here on average ($58k) exceed those elsewhere in Texas ($54k). This competitive pay shows how committed they are to ensuring each student excels academically within this district’s borders.

District Finances

Eanes ISD has exceptional financial resources, thus it allocates a higher percentage of its expenditure to instruction (60%) and support services (35%). Per student spending in the district is above average amounting to $26,715 compared to the state median value of $14403. This allows Eanes students greater access to quality educational opportunities as well as top-notch facilities and diverse support systems that are made available by the school system.

Top Eanes ISD Schools (2023-24)

Eanes ISD is known for its high-quality standards and dedication to providing exceptional education. For the 2023–24 academic year, the three highest rated schools in Eanes ISD are Westlake High School with an 8/10 rating, Barton Creek Elementary (9/10) located at 5145 Bee Cave Road Austin TX 78746 serving approximately 800 students from K – 5 grades, and Cedar Creek Elementary(8/10). At these top institutions, students will receive a demanding yet stimulating learning atmosphere along with an encouraging atmosphere. Ensuring that your child has selected EanesISD as their schooling option provides you guarantee of acquiring state-of-the-art knowledge, placing them on track toward successful career options after college graduation.

Parent and Student Reviews

At Eanes ISD, both parents and pupils have positive opinions of the school district. They are appreciative of all that staff do to ensure student achievement in their education. There is also a sense of enthusiasm from scholars regarding attending this public school system.

Eanes District has been acknowledged as one of the top ten best public schools by Niche – indicating how its dedication towards excellence academically along with helpful programs really resonates among families and students alike.


Eanes ISD is a remarkable example of the standard that can be achieved by an exemplary school district. From its robust educational program to its committed educators and personnel, along with its varied student population and encouraging local community – Eanes ISD stands out as one of Texas’ most promising districts for parents looking to provide their children with unparalleled learning opportunities on their path to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many schools does Eanes ISD have?

Eanes ISD boasts nine educational institutions, including elementary campuses at six locations, as well as two middle schools and one high school.

Which is the best ISD in Austin?

Eanes ISD is known for its outstanding educational opportunities among the independent school districts in Austin, such as Leander and Austin. It has become synonymous with high-quality schooling districtwide.

What towns are in the Eanes school district?

The Eanes ISD is a school district located in Texas that covers parts of the cities of Rollingwood and West Lake Hills, as well as Austin and Travis County. It has an excellent public high school known as Westlake High School, which provides educational opportunities to students within its surrounding area. The mission of this institution goes beyond providing quality education. It seeks to build strong relationships between staff members, families, and communities around them while also fostering the growth of all children in our vast Texan landscape.

What is Eanes School District ranked?

Eanes ISD, the school district in Austin and Texas respectively ranked tenth in America for its quality of education making it one of the best places to teach as well. In fact, out of all districts throughout Texas, Eanes was fifth-rated for both the highest caliber teachers and teaching opportunities.

What is the overall rating of Eanes ISD?

Niche has rated Eanes ISD at 4.46 out of 5, a reflection of its high-quality service and education in the district. The rating speaks to how well students from this area perform.

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