Lakeway vs Westlake Texas: Choosing Your Ideal Texas Community

, Dec 19, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Lakeway and Westlake are two thriving communities, each offering a unique blend of lifestyles and amenities. But how do you choose the perfect place to call home? In this comprehensive comparison of Lakeway vs. Westlake, Texas, we’ll delve into the key factors that set these two picturesque communities apart, helping you make an informed decision about which one best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Comparing Lakeway and Westlake requires assessing key factors such as location, lifestyle, amenities, services, real estate, and more.
  • Both communities offer short commutes to Austin with unique lifestyles catering to different preferences.
  • They boast excellent schools and extracurricular activities, along with ample economic opportunities and strong safety measures for residents.

Comparing Lakeway and Westlake: Key Factors

If you’re looking for the best fit between Lakeway and Westlake, it is important to consider a few factors. These include location/commute, lifestyle, and community vibes; amenities available in each area, as well as services offered. Real estate options should be weighed up when making this decision; keep in mind that the median age of residents differs here. 49.2 years in Lakeway compared to 42.8 years In Westlake, which may impact your choice depending on your family situation, etc. Data reveals that mean individual income stands at $86 082 in Westlake suggesting its exclusive nature (higher than most people’s salaries). So by taking into account all these details, one can make an informed evaluation based around quality life requirements for their own needs.

Location and Commute

Residents of Lakeway and Westlake are privileged to enjoy convenient access to downtown Austin while also experiencing a peaceful atmosphere. Depending on individual daily schedules, the time it takes from one location to another might make an impactful difference for your quality of life. The average journey from Lakeway is 31 minutes while commuting from Westlake typically takes 25-30 minutes. For those who want more options in getting around town, services such as taxi rides or bus line 30 and RideCARTS can enable visits with friends/family and explore everything Austin has to offer within its amenities.

Lifestyle and Community

Depending on your lifestyle preferences and priorities, one of the two communities may be a better fit for most people than the other. Lakeway is appreciated by families due to its peaceful atmosphere combined with an affinity for nature as well as low-density residential development close to water sources that are perfect conditions for outdoor activities. Alternatively, Westlake offers exclusive luxury living alongside top educational institutions while maintaining its tranquil ambiance which appeals greatly to affluent demographics. Both locations offer unique lifestyles that will suit different needs, but Lakeway has particularly strong family-orientated elements where Westlake’s serene environment speaks louder in terms of appeal.

Amenities and Services

The Lakeway and Westlake areas provide locals with ample amenities and services. Those residing in the vicinity of Austin can take advantage of many shopping centers like Shops at The Galleria, Hill Country Galleria, or Oaks At Lakeway Center for a great day out. There are also multiple dining establishments such as Maple Street Biscuit Company, Santa Catarina Restaurant, SP Brazilian Steakhouse, and Rudy’s BBQ to choose from depending on one’s preference. For entertainment, Canyonlands & Lakeway is ideal for biking/hiking enthusiasts while Spinners Gameroom has something to offer gamers and even movie lovers since there are outdoor screenings at Lakeway City Park. In comparison, those living closer to Westlake have options similar or unique compared respectively. Names include HG Sply Co., Anton’s Meat & eat, etc., along with Urban Air Trampoline Adventure Park plus Red Door Escape Room Chopshop. Live all very popular destinations that people enjoy visiting daily regardless of their age group. These two districts are quite diverse yet still bring plenty of different experiences!

Real Estate Options

Depending on your budget and desires, one community may be more suitable than the other for fulfilling your real estate needs. Lakeway offers a wide variety of properties at an average price point of $700,000 – including rustic cabins, classic ranch houses, and modernist structures. And Spanish Mission-style homes. For those looking to invest in luxury housing with higher prices, Westlake is renowned for its high-end market that includes large homes, and upscale dwellings such as condos or single-family residences priced around 3 million dollars per unit. Both communities cater to diverse budgets and preferences so it’s important to consider which area fits you best before taking action steps towards buying property there.

Education and Schools

When selecting a place to live, the schools available often factor into families’ decisions. This is certainly true of Lakeway and Westlake. Both are highly regarded for their excellent education systems which emphasize learning in all its forms.

It’s important to note that the area around Lake Travis serves as home for those attending schools within the Lake Travis Independent School District (ISD), while Eanes ISD contains those based near Westlake. Both districts have been recognized for great academic results and extracurricular activities.

Lakeway Schools

Lake Travis Independent School District provides Lakeway schools, which offer a variety of educational institutions for families and students seeking an enriching education. These include elementary schools like Rough Hollow Elementary, Serene Hills Elementary, Bee Cave Middle School, and Hudson Bend Middle as well as the higher-level school Lake Travis High.

The student-teacher ratio in these establishments is about 12 on average among the top 25. While the graduation rate varies depending on each individual school district’s performance metrics, the overall figure is 94%. This combined with an ample range of activities makes it attractive to those who are looking to provide their children with a full learning experience from pre-K through twelfth grade.

Westlake Schools

Westlake schools, which are part of the highly regarded Eanes Independent School District, include Westlake High School, Hill Country Middle, and West Ridge Middle Schools as well as Barton Creek Elementary and Eanes Elementary. Forest Trail Elementary and Cedar Creek Elementary are great options for families looking to secure quality education in an inviting community atmosphere. The student-teacher ratio varies between institutions, but across the top 25, it averages at 13. They also offer plenty of extracurricular activities ensuring that students have ample opportunities for learning outside school hours. Lakeway schools which also score high marks academically, make both districts particularly attractive choices for parents seeking educational excellence alongside vibrant communities with strong social networks among children living within these areas.

Extracurricular Activities

The students in Lakeway and Westlake receive great benefits from engaging in extracurricular activities. In the community of Lakeway, there are a range of options available such as sports, technology, drama clubs, and summer camps. Whereas Westlake schools offer Academic Challenge groups to Art Clubs or Service teams that help enhance the lives of their attendees. Through these stimulating opportunities, they get valuable skills that can improve academic success by honing intellectual capabilities, but also support personal growth through developing time management techniques or enhancing social abilities with peers around them – all this leading to greater mental well-being over time.

Outdoor Recreation and Activities

Residents of Lakeway and Westlake have plenty to choose from when it comes to outdoor recreation activities. The two communities offer a diverse array of opportunities for nature lovers, whether they are seeking the peace and quiet found in their parks or taking advantage of the various trail systems available. Water-based pursuits such as fishing and boating can be enjoyed on lakes located within each community’s boundaries. For those considering relocating to either one, you’ll find that there is no shortage of options in terms of enjoying an active lifestyle outdoors!

Lakeway Parks and Trails

Lakeway is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to its many parks and trails. Hamilton Greenbelt, Lakeway City Park, Tom Hughes Park, Bee Cave Central Park and Canyonlands. Trails are just a few of the available options that offer activities such as hiking, biking, or bird-watching in beautiful scenery. Other sports facilities like volleyball courts and basketball hoops can also be found at certain locations across the city.

Among all these places, there’s something special about the Hamilton Greenbelt. It offers various pathways including I Trail (Hurst Hollow Preserve Trail) II & III & IV Trails respectively with different levels of difficulty making this area a great spot for Lakeway residents wanting to get some exercise outdoors!

Westlake Parks and Trails

Westlake is known for its gorgeous parks and natural spaces, such as Barton Creek Wilderness Park and Rollingwood Park. These areas offer magnificent views of the lake, amazing waterfalls, fishing spots with boat ramps, and there are plenty of picnic sites to enjoy and hiking trails that everyone can follow. Those visiting Rollingwood will be able to use playgrounds or join a game in one of their sports courts while under the protection provided by an ample pavilion roofing it all over.

The vast selection offered at Barton Creek Wilderness Park includes activities like cycling tours around mountainsides while trekking through them. Mountaineering along mountain paths leading up rocky hills could prove an exciting experience too! And those seeking swimming opportunities among other elements may find pleasure here just as well, some guided options exist if visitors wish to get more out of it all. For families living in Westlake, this proves truly enjoyable – whatever each member’s specific interests might lie on, they’ll probably come across something suitable thanks to these diverse recreational choices available outdoors near their residence area.

Water Activities

Residents of Lakeway and Westlake have access to a plethora of water activities thanks to their close proximity to both the Colorado River as well as Texas’ largest lake, Lake Travis. In the city itself, there are plenty of recreational opportunities including Waterloo Adventures for those in search of adventure, Mudd Cove Beach is perfect if you wish to lounge around on the sand or take part in some beach sports, Bob Wentz Park with its lovely view will welcome people looking for a stroll along by the shoreline while Volente Beach Resort & Waterpark makes up an ideal weekend getaway destination featuring various attractions such as kayaking, paddleboarding and more. Another option includes Hippie Hollow Park allowing visitors entry through private boat rentals from Big Tex Boat Rentals and Float On Lake Austin Boat Rentals & Lake Travis Boat Rentals so that they can fully enjoy all kinds of aquatic events like skiing, fishing, etc. At nearby lakes located near Austin like Marble Falls, one has options ranging from swimming, camping over wakeboarding et cetera. Both areas offer residents unlimited possibilities when it comes to outdoor recreation involving bodies of water thus greatly improving quality of life.

Local Economy and Employment Opportunities

The Westlake and Lakeway communities possess many economic opportunities which have seen an influx of new residents and businesses. This section will review the major industries in each area, providing a comprehensive look at the job market for prospective candidates seeking work in education, healthcare, or tech-related fields.

Those interested can gain insight into the local economies to best determine if either community meets its specific career objectives while also offering potential for growth. Understanding what is available within these areas should help you make a well-informed decision about where your future lies!

Lakeway Economy

Lakeway has a vibrant economy with many opportunities for employment. The Lake Travis Independent School District, Lakeway Resort and Spa, and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center are major employers in this area. This translates into an average income of $142,566 annually among its citizens who have access to education services, hospitality facilities, as well as professional scientific businesses locally.

Tourism is highly beneficial to the city’s economic situation by providing more jobs which in turn gives rise to development such as local retail stores enhancing residents’ quality of life around Lake Austin/lakeway. It also helps draw investments from healthcare organizations aiding progress within the region overall.

Westlake Economy

Westlake is a thriving place with multiple industry sectors that are powering its economy. Among the most important ones, we find professional services that have gained momentum due to Core-Mark International, Solera, and Walco International being located there. Technology giants such as Charles Schwab, Deloitte University, and Fidelity Investments make it an attractive market for investors. Lastly, Finance where Wells Fargo plays a major role in Westlake’s dynamic economic landscape.

These impressive developments in job opportunities can be linked to certain economic indicators – homes valued above $1 million on average along with households earning more than $243K annually – resulting in an increased population size during working hours plus an unemployment rate of 6.9%. Data shows that the past year had over 2% growth when it comes to jobs created within this city limits. These facts prove why Westlake should remain at the top of everyone’s list if looking for suitable locations based on sound financial background accompanied by strong employment prospects.

Safety and Security

When looking at where to live, safety and security are vital factors to consider. Both Lakeway and Westlake offer inhabitants a safe environment with very low crime rates thanks to their diligent law enforcement agencies keeping residents protected. This article will discuss the measures taken in both communities that ensure that they have secure environments for their citizens, whether it’s families or individuals living there. Understanding the different levels of protection each area offers can help you decide if one is more suitable than another when searching for an ideal place for you and your family members to call home – be it the tranquil atmosphere of Lakeway or the exclusive protective setting found in Westlake.

Lakeway Safety

Lakeway is an area known for its sense of community and secure environment, marked by a low rate of criminal activity. The majority of crimes reported in the district are property-related offenses such as burglary, larceny-theft, carjacking, and arson, with 9 incidents per thousand citizens recorded annually. The likelihood of being affected by violence remains relatively slim at 1 incident every 1755 residents on average. To keep Lakeway safe, there is an active police force plus committed volunteers whose role it plays paramount in combating crime while also engaging proactively with locals who share safety tips. Specific measures like water laws have been implemented regulating speeds etc. Ultimately, these initiatives contribute to maintaining security across this community so that all can enjoy peace and protection within their own setting here at Lakeway.

Westlake Safety

Westlake is known for its secure community environment, which values peace and privacy. Statistics show that Westlake’s violent crime rate stands at 9.1 compared to the national average of 22.7 and their property crimes are 16.6 versus 35.4 in the US overall, suggesting it is an excellent place to live with a high quality of life available there too.

The law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining this safe atmosphere in West Lake Hills is the Police Department, which can be contacted anytime should any inquiries or emergency services be needed by residents within this area- both Lakeway and West Lake offer ideal living conditions due to their security levels.


Considering all the factors, such as commute times, location and real estate options of both Westlake and Lakeway in Texas, it is important to evaluate your personal preferences before deciding which community best suits you. Each of these communities provides a distinct lifestyle with its own advantages – carefully reflecting on what matters most to you when selecting a place to call home will help make this decision easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lakeway Texas wealthy?

The city of Lakeway, Texas, has seen a marked population increase over the past decade – from 11,391 in 2010 to 19,189 in 2020, and an impressive rise of 21.23% in median household income up to $132,899 within just five years.

Is Lakeway Texas a good place to live?

Lakeway is the perfect place for retirees or those seeking a more middle-of-the-road lifestyle, as it’s situated in Travis County and has significantly fewer property crimes than other areas of the United States. Most homeowners own their residences here. Making Lakeway an extremely secure area to live.

Is Westlake Texas a good place to live?

Living in Westlake offers a great rural atmosphere with most people owning their homes. Being one of the premier places to live in Texas, there are lots of dining options, coffee shops, and recreational parks for all to enjoy.

Is Lakeway Texas expensive?

Living expenses in Lakeway, Texas are notably steeper than the standard cost of living across America – with a price tag 33% above average.

What are the primary industries in Lakeway and Westlake?

Westlake mainly centers on professional services, technology, and finance, while Lakeway’s main sources of industry are related to education, hospitality, and healthcare as well as professional & scientific services plus retail trade.

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