The Best Neighborhoods in North Austin: 2023 Ranked and Reviewed

, Sep 22, 2023

The North Austin area offers a broad selection of neighborhoods that are rich in character and charm, catering to all types of lifestyle choices. From cozy family-friendly locales to trendy urban communities, there’s something for everyone here! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the greatest spots within North Austin, highlighting their features, attractions, and amenities that make them so unique.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore North Austin for diverse neighborhoods and attractions.
  • Enjoy top-rated schools, charming homes, delightful eateries, and renowned performance spaces in vibrant communities like Allandale & North Loop.
  • Discover the trendiest areas offering something for everyone, from contemporary mansions to family-friendly communities.

Exploring North Austin

North Austin is a dreamland of diverse and unique neighborhoods. From the vibrant Downtown scene, packed with live music performances and sports games, to the breathtaking Zilker Park situated by the Colorado River. You won’t be disappointed when it comes to attractions and amenities here. Families will feel right at home in South Manchaca or South Lamar due to their excellent schools, playgrounds, and recreational facilities that can provide kids & parents plenty of entertainment options together. Not only do these areas contain many different local businesses like food trucks, but coffee shops as well for those looking for something more relaxed during nightlife time – plus don’t forget all the stunning Lake Austin just around the corner! There’s West Austin filled with its own distinct charm while Hyde Park provides historic touchstones throughout North Loop showcasing how quickly this area has evolved over the years combined with affordable housing placements available too.

A closer inspection of each particular neighborhood yields specific benefits catering to lifestyle preferences which makes choosing your ideal one so much easier! So without Ado let us explore some of the best parts about various spots within North Austins boundaries offering residents the perfect slice of life they may never find anywhere else again.


Allandale is a highly desirable neighborhood, located conveniently close to many amenities. Its pleasant streets are lined with mid-century ranch-style homes and bungalows as well as lush green spaces. Making for an ideal atmosphere, especially suited to families or professionals alike. With easy access from Lamar Blvd., one can explore the vibrant local businesses and beautiful Barton Creek Greenbelt/Lions Municipal Golf Course just moments away! Not to mention there’s Ramsey Park/Playground where you’ll find swimming pools, sports fields, and lots of spots perfect for summer picnics. Those looking into Allandale should note that this peaceful area comes at a cost – its average home price being $1.16M – but offers its residents great value thanks to all the features present in such picturesque scenery.

North Loop

The renowned North Loop neighborhood of Austin, Texas has a distinct zip code and is characterized by its diverse population of students, artists, and professionals. This area boasts great affordable housing options as well as plenty to explore within walking distance, such as restaurants offering local fare or vintage stores brimming with unique treasures. With an average home price of $595,000, it makes for a fantastic investment opportunity too!

Classic small bungalow homes built in the 1940s form part of this incredibly walkable location’s landscape (its score sits at 67/100) while some have been updated over time. Now standing tall are beautifully designed contemporary-style houses all across the neighborhood that will surely captivate residents longing to experience true life in Austin.

North Loop offers so much more than simply unbeatable convenience. What really stands out is its strong sense of community spirit – making it a highly desirable address for anyone looking to fully immerse themselves into city living without breaking their bank account.


Residents looking to balance a relaxed atmosphere with the convenience of downtown living will appreciate Wooten, located in northwest Austin. The neighborhood has plenty of attractive housing options like Allandale and Crestview, plus easy access to public transportation that can quickly get you around town or out on Hwy 183. Best yet is its close proximity to great dining and nightlife spots – Olive Garden fans rejoice! Mexican restaurants are also plentiful as well as quick fast food alternatives for those rushed days when eating at home isn’t an option. Altogether this makes it perfect for residents who don’t want to miss out on city life while still being able to enjoy their own personal slice of peace of mind within this wonderful residential area known as Wooten.

North Burnet

North Burnet is an urbanized community with a great variety of people, small businesses, and amenities that attract professionals from nearby high-tech firms. Rated C+ in terms of security and safety measures, residents can enjoy the many benefits of living there.

The neighborhood features appealing attractions such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and running trails providing plenty for all to do outdoors. Also well known for its food trucks scattered around town paired with wonderful green spaces make it stand out from other areas due to its tranquil atmosphere.

At North Burnet, you will find top-quality restaurants and diverse shopping options where every member of your family can experience something unique while spending time together. The array of facilities offered makes this neighborhood stand out above others giving them no option but to pick here as their ideal home destination.

No matter what activity or outing you have planned, if it’s within this quiet enclave then chances are strong everyone involved will be having fun during their stay!

Wells Branch

Wells Branch is a quaint suburban area located in the booming Austin region that offers modern residences, proximity to retail outlets, restaurants, and parks, as well as a congenial environment. Its cheerful vibe makes it ideal for both families and young adults looking for an easy-going lifestyle.

The Wells Branch homes have brick facades along with 3–4 bedrooms which come surrounded by lush trees creating inviting living areas perfect for one who cherishes comfort and ease of access to stores & eateries among other recreational activities – making this spot a great choice for those seeking harmony between their work/life balance at an average home price of $400 000.

This lovely neighborhood has much on offer including its atmosphere that easily appeals to all age groups. Providing them with value for money investment into such a desirable locality in the capital city location of Texas!

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is a booming North Austin area offering an array of housing options, top-rated schools, and various recreational activities. Its 1,000 acres of parks and 30 miles of trails make it the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts looking to enjoy nature. The Cedar Park Center features concerts as well as other events throughout the year! Plus there are ample shopping centers with retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues nearby for more leisurely fun-time ventures like bowling or catching a movie at its recreation center nearby.

The Leander Independent School District serves this neighborhood while providing excellent schooling opportunities plus magnet programs too! Single family homes sit side-by-side townhomes & apartments bringing together residents from all backgrounds creating one lively community here in Cedar Park – North Austin’s finest!

Round Rock

The 29th most populous city in Texas, Round Rock is renowned for its excellent schools, reasonable housing costs, and abundance of recreational spaces. Highly desirable amongst families as well as young professionals alike – this friendly community provides the sophisticated advantages of a big urban center while retaining all the charms inherent to small-town living.

Main Street is full of an assortment of cafes and stores making it a great spot to explore. Golf courses abound within Round Rock’s limits! And don’t forget about their prominent cultural scene too, art galleries are plentiful throughout providing plenty of activities for individuals from all walks of life. Sports fans will be pleased knowing that Round Rock holds renown among other Texan towns through its very own minor league baseball team known as the ‘Round Rock Express’.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is an idyllic place to reside, full of appealing neighborhoods filled with trees and characterized by its small-town atmosphere. A great choice for those wishing to experience Austin living at its best, the area has a walkability score of 78/100 – making it easy for locals to get around and explore places like Torchy’s Tacos or Hemphill Park. Not only that, but Hyde Park also offers some top-rated schools such as Kirby Hall School & the Austin Independent School District. With an average home price hovering around $815,000, this neighborhood definitely makes a sound investment opportunity too!

North University

Situated near the University of Texas in Austin, North University offers all that is best about this city: a great location for taking advantage of campus life. Beautifully maintained vintage homes, and convenient nearby attractions. Within walking distance are Torchy’s Tacos, Wheatsville Food Co-op, and Hemphill Park, three local favorites. As well as charming one to three-bedroom dwellings from eras such as Craftsman or bungalow style, there is also the Aldridge Place Historic District where houses constructed during 1910 – 1920s stand proudly today.

North University ensures an experience like no other with its mix of classic character combined with modern amenities right on your doorstep! Living here presents you with easy access to university activities together with unique cafes close at hand yet within a peaceful environment brimming with full charm so typical of Austin itself!

North Austin’s Trendiest Neighborhoods

East Austin and North Austin are home to some of the trendiest neighborhoods, appealing to a wide range of people from families and young professionals to artists. These chic areas offer unique amenities as well as unforgettable experiences. For instance, Zilker is renowned for its luxurious mansions, and bungalows, plus South by Southwest & Austin City Limits. Avery Ranch boasts gorgeous Hill Country scenery coupled with excellent schools. To an active community spirit, Steiner Ranch features over 35 separate subdivisions along the Colorado River complete with championship golf courses & waterfront clubs spread across this master-planned area. Every single one of these wonderful communities has something exciting on offer – no matter what type you’re searching for be it a bustling downtown or a calmer family environment, there will always be something special about each neighborhood in North Austin!


North Austin is the ideal location for anyone searching for a new home, offering an array of neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle. Allandale features tranquil tree-lined streets while Hyde Park boasts exciting nightlife and activities. Either way one can enjoy excellent schools plus great amenities. To feel part of a close community. Thus, North Austin has something special that makes it a perfect place to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to live in North Austin?

Cedar Park, located in North Austin, is an ideal residential area. Featuring a selection of single-family homes and townhomes alongside plenty of expansive open spaces. It’s the perfect place to live for its safety as well as the amenities offered.

Is North Austin a good neighborhood?

North Austin is a family-friendly area, offering plenty of activities and points of interest. Constructed in the years following World War II to accommodate veterans attending the University of Texas at Austin, North Austin comprises many neighborhoods that make for an ideal living environment. The district offers security as well as alluring recreational options – making it the perfect place to call home.

Where is the best area to live in Austin TX?

For those seeking an urban lifestyle with stunning scenery, Austin has many terrific neighborhoods to choose from. From chic downtown dwellings and hotspots for fun-filled nights out to laidback suburban havens of natural beauty, no matter what your preference is, you can find something that suits it in the city.

Whether one prefers the buzzing vibe full of excitement or getting away into nature’s tranquility, there are various options available in any area around Austin.

What are some family-friendly neighborhoods in North Austin?

Those looking for family-oriented neighborhoods in North Austin should consider Cedar Park, South Lamar, Round Rock, and South Manchaca, which are areas renowned for having great schools, parks, and recreational activities.

Which neighborhoods in North Austin have the best walkability scores?

The neighborhoods of Hyde Park and North Loop in North Austin boast impressive walkability scores, with 78/100 for the former and 67/100 for the latter.

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