Why Are Goal Conversions So Important in Real Estate Marketing?

, Feb 16, 2023

When developing any marketing campaign, a goal conversion is one of the most important elements to define. When putting together a marketing campaign, most agents focus on the message and visuals, which are important, but forget to include a trackable goal conversion. Why is this so important? It’s the only way to measure the efficacy of your campaign. Common goal conversions in real estate marketing include:

  1. Inbound Phone Call: A potential customer calls you or your office.
  2. Inbound Webform: A potential customer fills out a form on your website and requests you to contact them.
  3. Inbound Webchat: A potential customer engages with the chat feature on your website and requests that you contact them.
  4. Property Inquiry: A customer asks for more details about a specific property over the web.
  5. Visitor Registration: A customer engages with your property search feature and registers with their contact information (usually in order to obtain some information behind the registration wall).

Goal Conversion Setup

Setting up goal conversions can often take more time than developing a single marketing campaign. In order to track phone calls, you will need some tracking system like Callrail or WhatConverts, which both provide unique phone numbers to add to specific campaigns or marketing sources. Likewise, inbound webforms and webchats require setup at the Google Analytics level, which has become more complicated since the release of GA4 (this is also the case with property inquiries and registrations). However, if you fail to set up conversions prior to your campaign, it will be impossible to measure the efficacy of your campaign. You can’t measure your campaign’s success without conversions, so it becomes impossible to improve it.

Offline Conversions

The conversions mentioned above are all related to online marketing, but agents often leverage offline marketing like postcards, radio, or billboards. It’s both possible and highly recommended to include goal conversions in offline campaigns. In order to do so, you must create custom conversion points that are unique to that campaign. A postcard campaign can include a unique phone number for phone conversions or a QR code that directs the visitor to a unique landing page. In this way, you can see the actions the campaign drives: The conversions. Likewise, a radio campaign can direct a user to call a unique number or visit a unique website.

Goal conversion is a vital aspect of marketing campaigns. It provides a measurable metric for evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign. While the focus is often on message and visuals, the inclusion of trackable goal conversions allows for precise measurement and improvement. Setting up goal conversions may require additional effort and the use of tracking systems or analytics tools, but it is crucial for accurately assessing campaign performance. Furthermore, goal conversions can be implemented not only in online marketing but also in offline strategies such as postcards or radio advertisements. By incorporating unique identifiers or call-to-action elements, marketers can track offline conversions as well. Ultimately, the integration of goal conversions empowers marketers with valuable insights to optimize future campaigns and drive better results.

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