Bailey Moran

We absolutely love working with our clients and we love nothing more than helping them have a wonderful buying or selling experience. Over the years, our clients have graciously written 1000+ reviews about their experiences on sites like Google, Yelp, & Zillow. We've collected them here.

Bailey Moran

When it came time to buying our second home, we didn’t hesitate to reach back out to Bramlett Residential. Eric and his team (we worked with Bailey as well) are knowledgeable, professional, but most importantly, honest. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you want to be able to turn to your agent, ask them the tough questions and get straight-forward answers.

Eric is a straight shooter and he’s personable. You’ll be glad you reached out to him to buy or sell your home!

Bailey Moran Buyers Eric Bramlett

My family is relocating from California to Austin and per a friend’s referral, we contacted Eric to see if they could help us find a lease property. He set us up with Bailey and she was a total godsend!

Bailey was so helpful, sweet, and professional. The few days I was in Austin to look at homes, I had my 10 month old with me. Bailey was so great and patient with me and her. (Think having to get baby in and out of car seat at every property, wanting to play, then nap time fussiness)

Though I know a lease is not as lucrative as a buy, she never gave us less than her 100%. She really went above and beyond and helped us find the perfect home for our family.

We will definitely be working with Bailey again in the future when we purchase a home.

Bailey Moran Lease

We are relocating from Iowa to Austin. We have had a chance to work with Eric and Bailey. We were initially planning on buying a house and I was impressed by Eric’s flexible mind set and no pressure approach. We decided to rent instead and we were helped in an outstanding way. Eric was busy so Bailey ended up showing us around on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Even though we were in the capable hands of Bailey, Eric was constantly in touch with Bailey and us. It was like we had a two person team with us. Bailey went out of her way to help us with the logistics, paperwork, negotiations and contract review. There has been immediate communication and we left with the feeling that we were the only clients that these two fine people had. We were never second in line.

Bailey spent one day with us and by the next day, she knew our needs perfectly. She was able to pick a handful of properties that we would like and next day, we were struggling to figure out which property not to go for.

Eric is the definition of a good realtor. He is very knowledgeable and has the unique quality of being able to think outside the box. I was impressed by the heart and soul he combines with his knowledge. He is tireless and the quality of his work is excellent. His intuition is sound.

When we look for a house in the near future, we will definitely go with Eric again. That is a no brainer.

Bailey Moran Buyers Eric Bramlett

We are from CA, worried a bit to invest in Austin, relatively unknown territory; but Bailey made the difference; she guided us right from the start to the end (helping me even now 40 days after closing); She has the willingness to do the extra mile to delight customers. 6 words to describe her: She is smart and focused, honest and trustworthy, patient and responsive.

Out of the 40 homes that we saw on a continuous stretch of 6 days (incl weekends), we never found a sense of hesitation from her. She gave honest opinion on each one of the properties that we visited. She never pressurized us in making a decision. Would recommend Bailey as a real estate agent to anyone. Looking forward to working with her again!

Bailey Moran Buyers

another review for extraordinary services from Bailey! this time I got the opportunity to work very closely with Bailey Moran for my home purchase. We started looking at properties right in the midst of the crazy time (Jan-Mar, 2020) when home sale prices were record high at Austin. Though we missed out on some of the homes we liked, (even after offering more than the asking price) Bailey always reminded me to be patient. As soon as the COVID pandemic spread in April, Bailey was so quick to react; she shared her knowledge and her prior experiences on how the market would react. She advised me to wait for a month to fend off competition. We played the waiting game and finally bought our favorite home in the end of May, (right when the lock down ended) for less than the sellers asking price, saving grands that we would have lost overpaying. I’m proud to say that we timed it right and it was only possible due to Bailey’s in-depth knowledge of the housing market, ability to smartly correlate events in the past with the present and advise decisively; again, like I mentioned before, she has the attitude to do the extra mile all the time, no sense of hesitancy whatsoever and always prompt. Glad I have a great real estate partner!

Bailey Moran Buyers

Our agent Bailey Moran was an absolute godsend throughout the home buying process. With her expertise and guidance, we were able to view, offer, and win a multiple-offer listing that was on the market for only 2 days. Her area knowledge was consistently impressive throughout the process – from local schools and amenities to commuting times, she always had an answer ready. She provided invaluable guidance at every step of the way. We were first time home buyers and a little nervous throughout, and Bailey really provided the experience we depended on. She provided referrals for local lenders and home inspectors too that were invaluable. We couldn’t be happier!

Bailey Moran Buyers

I worked with Bailey as a first time home buyer that was also relocating to the Austin area. Bailey made the experience as seamless as possible and was able to work across time zones to help me and my fiancee find the perfect home for us. From making time to meet early in the morning before I had an interview, to spending four days in a row going to numerous houses when we could fit in a trip to Austin right after Thanksgiving, to using FaceTime to allow us to do a “remote inspection” on the home we ended up purchasing, Bailey went the extra mile and it was greatly appreciated. Her openness and honesty about homes that we were looking at made us feel extremely confident in our decision.

Bailey Moran Buyers

I recently finished a transaction with Bailey Moran at Bramlett Residential. I’ve worked with many Realtors over the years and Bailey is certainty at the top of the field. A few things that made the transaction great was her organization, real estate knowledge and quick communication. If you’re in the market to buy in Austin, I highly recommend speaking with Bailey and the team at Bamlett Residential. Thanks for all you do!

Bailey Moran Buyers

Moving from out of state to Austin, my husband and I had little knowledge of Austin. We were looking for an agent that could give us advice and information on different neighborhoods and locations based on our budget and house must haves. Thankfully we chose to work with Bailey Moran and she was the perfect fit! She was able to get to know us and gives us her ideas of locations and homes we hadn’t even thought to explore. She was able to work with our demands, as well as a not so easy seller, and made the process of buying our first home in Austin fun and bearable. Bailey navigated the challenges of the process with us and we couldn’t have been happier with her work. She is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. We will most definitely utilize her expertise when and if we buy/sell in Austin in the future. Thanks Bailey for helping us find our perfect place!

Bailey Moran Buyers

I moved to the US from Europe and had no idea how home buying works in the US. I quickly realized that I needed a realtor. I made an online search and listed out the top 5 highest rated real estate agencies in my area. Bailey at Bramlett Residential was the most helpful and responsive of all, so I decided to embark on the journey with her. She was very knowledgeable, had the patience to answer all my questions, and was very helpful throughout the process. I would definitely use her for my next home buy and would recommend you to do so as well.

Bailey Moran Buyers

This review is for Bailey Moran.

I reached out to several real estate companies when I was considering buying a house in Austin. Bailey was the one that responded to my email to Bramlett Residential and from the get-go she was awesome: warm, attentive and helpful. The response was very different from the generic replies I got from other RE companies.

My husband and I are from out of town so all of the initial search was done online. Bailey asked questions to try and tailor the search to what we were looking for and helped us narrow down some areas/neighborhoods to focus on.

When we finally got to visit Austin for an exploratory trip, Bailey drove us all around town while giving us an introduction and the low-down of each neighborhood. We viewed a couple houses, and through this entire process she pointed out details we would have normally missed (e.g. how to tell if the foundation was recently redone) and information that only locals would know. She was super patient with us, and her local knowledge and insight is invaluable. On top of that, she is just super sweet and fun to hang out with.

We hands down recommend Bailey and Bramlett Residential!

Bailey Moran Buyers

Bailey at Bramlett helped us with our first home purchase & it couldn’t have gone smoother. She was super responsive with all the questions we had and helped negotiate a great deal. 100% recommend and will use again. Thank you!

Bailey Moran Buyers

We started looking for a home in late July and gave Eric and his company the details of our plan. We had to sell our home and buy another. Eric, Bailey, and his team of superstars were the best people to assist us with this task. When it came to buying a home the professionalism and expertise from Bailey was top notch. She was always on time, would answer our questions promptly, and was able to guide us towards our home purchase. We are incredibly happy in our new home thanks to Bailey.
When it came to selling the home, Eric was tremendously accommodating and supportive. The combination of the technology they have to track the various steps and their ability to care for their clients cannot be matched. We spoke with Eric many times throughout the process. The most impressive thing was that he was emailing us and keeping us informed throughout holidays, weekends, and evening times when most other realtors will wait until the next day. We attribute the fact that our home sold in two days to Eric and his team who did not stop until the job was done.
When it comes to choosing who you will trust with your home purchase or sale there is no better option than Eric Bramlett Residential Real Estate!

Bailey Moran Buy & Sell Eric Bramlett

Being a first time home buyer, the process from the initial search to closing can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. My wife and I chose to work with Bailey at Bramlett Residential, and the outcome couldn’t have been any better. From looking at different properties, to finding one we love and her assistance with the lender, Bailey exceeded all expectations. She was there to answer all the questions I had, whether via phone, text and/or email. She simplified the process and was able to get us a great deal on our new home. My wife and I highly recommend Bailey @ Bramlett for your home buying experience!

Bailey Moran Buyers

I’ve taken way too long to write this review. I guess after buying a house, the last thing on your mind is writing about the process. I had a tricky home buying experience but Bailey did everything in her power to get me through it. I’m not sure if Eric paired her up with me because I was younger, not in the upper crust of home buyers, or because my area, but Bailey ended up being perfect for me. We meshed well on a personal level and that’s really what you need in a realtor. She inderstood what I wanted, helped me when I found something I wanted to check out, and babies me through the paperwork. I’d definitely recommend these guys and Bailey in particular.

Bailey Moran Buyers

Bailey has been nothing but wonderful to us as our realtor in Austin, TX! We’re moving from out of state and has been looking for a realtor to help us find a house down in Austin. That’s when I came across Eric Bramlett Residential Real Estate, and saw that they specialize in out of state buyers. Bailey reached out to us after I had sent an inquiry and she’s so sweet and so easy to talk to. From our initial conversations, it already seemed to me that Bailey was very familiar with the city and was very honest with us in terms of location and just any details that we should know about moving into Austin. She was so patient with us throughout the entire search process, and spent 3 full days just looking at houses with us. She was very on top of everything, reaching out to all the necessary people, and very eager to help us find our new home. She was also very responsive, through email, phone, or text, and when she was busy she would always remember to reach back to us and didn’t forget us. Bailey made the whole process of moving across the country a lot more smoother and easier. Anyone looking for a realtor, I would definitely recommend Bailey from Eric Bramlett!

Bailey Moran Buyers

My wife and I were just recently looking for a house around the Austin area to up-size from our condo. We have been referred to Bramlett Real Estate from a friend and so we decided to go down that road and see what it was all about. From the start, his team was professional, non pressuring and very responsive. We worked mainly with Bailey Moran and we cannot tell you how awesome she was. She helped us with so many things, from the start of the buying process, all the way through the end, She even helped us list our condo and get it ready for rent. We could not be more happy with Bailey and her help, as well as the entire Bramlett team and business partners. Highly recommend and thanks for all you do!!

Bailey Moran Buyers

I was referred to Eric by a friend a few months ago. I was considering another rental property (gotta pay for the kid’s college somehow). This will be my second rental property, but its been more than 10 years since I purchased my first so Eric has been helping understand which emerging areas of Austin still have upside for appreciation and balancing that with cash-flow. Right now is bad time to make a mistake as many areas are overpriced from an investment standpoint.
Eric’s knowledge of the market, the city, and the industry is really impressive
I have looked at a few options with Bailey and while I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet, I have had a really good experience so far.
I know I will find something that will work out well and I have feel really comfortable with Eric and Bailey.
I truly recommend Eric & his team to anyone who needs help in the Austin real estate market!

Bailey Moran Eric Bramlett Renter

Bramlett Residential helped me and my family find a perfect home and keep a deal together with a difficult seller and lender that delayed my closing.

Since we were relocating to Austin, I was looking for a broker that would be more responsive and give us a better level of customer service. Eric and his team exceeded our expectations. He responded quickly to all our requests, and worked with us and our unique requirements (over a 6-8 month period) even though we were unsure about what we wanted at the outset. I found that he has a deep understanding of Austin real estate market, and an uncanny ability to quickly lay out the trade-offs of living in various neighborhoods. Finally, when we were interested in making an offer for a home we liked, he encouraged us to look at alternate options to make sure we were confident in our decision about the house we wanted.

Since we were unable to close on time due to lender delays, Eric was instrumental in working with the listing agent to keep the deal together and negotiate extensions with a difficult seller and frustrated buyer (us). During this period and after we closed, Bailey (on Eric’s team) ensured the inspection was done immediately , completed the final walk-though for us, and helped us set up the house the way we wanted since we were not moving for another month.

I highly recommend Bramlett Residential if you are looking for a broker that is sharp, diligent, very knowledgeable about Austin real estate, and works alongside you to meet you and your family’s unique needs in a new home.

Bailey Moran Buyers Eric Bramlett

Buying a house is scary… There I said it. Buying your FIRST house can be down right mortifying, especially when in your 40’s like myself.

It’s important that you find the right real estate agent to help make the process less scary.

I hold personal recommendations in very high regard, especially from friends.

My good friend Joe recommended Eric Bramlett since he had helped him both buy and sell a house.

Eric took us out on our first run and then handed us off to Bailey to help us on our quest to buy our FIRST house and of all markets Austin TX which is NUTS.

I was a little apprehensive at first since Bailey was young but after our first outing she pretty much put those fears to rest.

It was more like going house hunting with a good friend who knew a lot about real estate and soon she was giving us honest input as to whether a house was going to work for us or not based on what we told her we wanted.

My wife and I looked forward to house hunting but had no idea it was going to take 6 months to find a home.

I’m glad we had Bailey as both our sherpa and friend since I really don’t like shopping as is, even less when I am shopping for something as big as a house and my first house to boot.

My wife Sheri and I highly recommend that you use Bramlett REal Estate when looking for a home or if you want to sell.

They know their stuff. And if Bailey is any indication of the type of staff he hires then I’m sure his other associates are of high a caliber.

Thanks Eric and Bailey for making our new house hunting experience a great one.

Also a shout out to Max Leaman over at they did a fantastic job getting us the money to buy our house. The rate was competitive but more important the customer service was on point. ~ Hector & Sheri

Bailey Moran Buyers Eric Bramlett

We chose Eric based on his high reviews and he definitely lived up to them. We had a great experience working with him and his team. We got only good advice and sold our house quickly and with minimal disruption. Eric made all the right decisions and jumped on potential problems before they became major issues. He was very attentive, answered every call and email, and even worked on his vacation when something came up. Bailey was also super professional and tirelessly helped us make our transition. We look forward to working with them again with our next home.

Bailey Moran Eric Bramlett Sellers

Eric worked with my girlfriend and I to purchase our first home in Austin, TX in March 2014. We found Eric based on his outstanding online reviews and after being less than satisfied with our first realtor. After speaking with Eric via phone and seeing the quality and detail of follow-up he provided, we knew he was the Realtor for us. We were first time homebuyers, trying to find the perfect home in a terrible buyer’s market (very high demand and very low inventory). From day 1, Eric listened to what we wanted, explained to us what we could reasonably expect and why, was very patient as we narrowed down what we wanted and went out of his way to help us find the perfect home.

Eric or his assistant Bailey were always available to show us homes within 1 day of us requesting to see a home (often same-day!) which was necessary due to the current Austin market where most of the homes we were interested in were being listed and sold within 1-3 days. Because this was our first home and represented such a huge purchase for us, we were very picky and Eric and Bailey showed us a lot of homes before we found the perfect one. Eric helped us successfully navigate through (and avoid) a number of over-priced homes and other bad situations that we would have likely fallen victim to without Eric’s guidance. Eric was all that we could have asked for in a Realtor and a whole lot more. He was always eager and able to educate us on topics from expected home appraisal values to financing options/lenders to quality contractors and advice on structuring our offers to be competitive in multiple-offer situations and through the entire process, never once made us feel rushed or pressured us to make a decision. He constantly reminded us that despite all of the metrics, we ultimately had to buy a home that ‘felt right’ to us.

We will definitely be using Eric and Bramlett Realty to prepare and sell our town-home and while we have already successfully referred some of our friends to Eric, we will certainly refer additional friends to Eric over the coming months and years. Thank you Eric and Bailey!!!

Bailey Moran Eric Bramlett First Time Home Buyer