The Best Happy Hours in Austin (2023)

, Nov 17, 2023

Happy Hour Austin is the perfect place to hang out with friends or indulge in a unique culinary experience. Here you can find amazing discounts, great vibes, and lasting memories—all at unbeatable prices! Explore our top picks for happy hour spots around town to make sure your next evening out will be one of a kind.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Austin’s diverse happy hour scene with deals and unique experiences downtown, east, north, and west.
  • Enjoy all-day discounts plus reverse and weekend brunch happy hours for a range of casual to refined experiences.
  • Pet owners can find pet-friendly spots, plus vegan and vegetarian options!

Downtown Delights

The downtown Austin area is home to a variety of happy hour spots where people can sample delicious drinks, appetizers, and unique experiences. Whether it’s the rustic Foreign and Domestic or June’s All Day with its eclectic vibe, all tastes are catered for here.

For some sushi action combined with discounted beverages, don’t miss Bar Chi during their nightly specials! Jeffrey’s offers 25% off bar food plus glasses of wine from 4:30 p.m.–11 p.m. each Monday, while Grizzeldas on Wednesdays offers a full night out due to special extended hours (5–6 p.m.) Thursdays & Fridays, as well as an additional all-day Wednesday offering.

No matter your preference, you will find something suitable when exploring this vibrant city center hub, so why not embark now on discovering that perfect haunt?

East Austin Escapes

East Austin’s bustling happy hour scene provides an array of bars and restaurants with discounted drinks, bites, and a lively atmosphere. When you’re looking to treat yourself during happy hour, look no more than Bufalina Due. From 4-5:30 pm, they have half-priced pizzas alongside beer drafts, house wines, or other alcoholic beverages. If something more unique is what catches your eye, head over to Licha’s, where you can find $8 cocktails as well as great beer bucket deals available for purchase. Perhaps sweet and savory are desired? Lucky Robot has that covered too, offering half-priced contemporary sashimi on their menu plus discounts off bottles of sake and wine! No matter what mood strikes, there will be something in East Austin ready to cater to it without breaking the bank while still providing excellent flavor options within its diverse environment.

North Austin Necessities

Want to enjoy a stress-free happy hour featuring discounted drinks and delicious appetizers? North Austin has got you covered with its selection of bars and restaurants offering amazing deals.

At Jack Allen’s Kitchen, you will find half-priced apps as well as dollars off all drinks during their weekday special hours. Head on over to Quality Seafood, where peel-eat shrimp are going for $0.35 while Modelos can be had for only 2 bucks! There is something here for everyone—even the most discerning beer connoisseur who wants to taste some traditional Texas business beers that have been around forever. Scholz Garten offers select snacks plus cocktails and house wine at 5 dollars each, and draft beer gets 2 discount price slash marks from them too! Lastly, quench your thirst with an array of glass or Austin brew choices found in many places across North Austin streets this evening—come see what makes it so great today!

South Austin Sips

Discover the wonderful world of South Austin’s happy hours. You’ll find a range of bars and eateries offering great deals on drinks and tasty food items, as well as an inviting atmosphere to help you relax after work.

Treat yourself to a mouthwatering cheeseburger for only $6 at The Meteor while taking advantage of their half-priced wines by glass or draft beer with two dollars off during their happy hour specials. Salty. Sow is another place to check out where they have amazing discounts such as house blood orange margaritas down by two bucks plus discounted snacks, five-dollar tacos, and fried chicken going for seven all included in their daily deal lineup. For more of a unique experience, consider dropping into Lala’s Little Nugget. Here visitors can enjoy domestic bottles/tallboys along with cheap wells when joining them before 7 pm any weekday evening, it truly embodies quintessential Austin vibes!

Take full enjoyment from South Austins’ special offerings including signature cocktails that come accompanied with delectable bites just waiting your indulgence whether visiting one establishment within this destination – thereby finding some best ever local Happy Hours options known across Texas capital city area at whatever spot you land upon.

West Austin Wonders

West Austin is the place to be when it comes to a great happy hour experience! Get discounted drinks, appetizers, and stunning views as you unwind with friends or colleagues. From craft cocktails and half-priced bottles of wine at Olive & June – where their specialty beverages are included in the deal during happy hour – to Better Half Coffee & Cocktails’ all day specials that include $6 cheeseburgers. Carl Kolsches from St. Elmo Brewing Company. Co for only 3 dollars plus Miller High Lifes for 2$.50 apiece, glasses of sangria, sparkling wine and house cocktails can also be enjoyed for just 6 bucks each! Whether you want something more elevated or would prefer an easy-going time out, West Austin’s got your back.

Outdoor Oases

Experience a night out amidst Austin’s beautiful outdoor spots, while indulging in happy hour deals featuring discounted drinks and bites. Explore Lenoir’s wine garden for some tranquil sipping with select wines plus delectable dishes or visit Kemuri’s rooftop patio to take in the views as you savor their great-value special offerings. For those looking for something more lowkey yet equally enjoyable, Better Half presents an all-day promotion not to be missed from its inviting terrace.

Revel at these picturesque patios transforming into nighttime havens at sunset – they provide unbeatably perfect settings for memorable evenings out under bargain prices!

All-Day Deals

Austin offers all-day happy hour specials at certain bars and restaurants for those wanting extended discounted drinks and snacks. From appetizers at half the price to $5 margaritas at DK Maria’s, there are plenty of bargains available throughout Austin. Better Half Coffee & Cocktails serves up tempting deals with an all day special including Carl Kölsches from St Elmo Brewing Co. that cost just $3 along with hamburgers going for only six dollars a piece, so why not make use of these great opportunities?

Reverse Happy Hours

Late-night revellers seeking a fun and unique experience should definitely check out Austin’s reverse happy hour scene. Bars and restaurants offer some great deals on drinks, including half price cocktails, discounted daiquiris, as well as appetizers. Bosses Office, Doc B’s Restaurant + more. Bar or Better Half Coffee & Cocktails are just three of the many establishments providing these alluring discounts after sunset. So go ahead, dip into this playground for an unforgettable night!

Weekend Brunch Happy Hours

Treat yourself to discounted drinks and bar snacks at Austin’s weekend brunch happy hours! Experience an extraordinary meal with deals on mimosas, sangrias, cheeseburgers, you name it. The city offers different types of meals from casual dining options where you can enjoy St Elmo Brewing Co.’s Carl kolsches for $3 to upscale establishments like the Roosevelt Room offering delicious discounts for a more sophisticated atmosphere. No matter what your preference is – there’s something special in store this Saturday or Sunday during these beloved weekends specials around town!

Pet-Friendly Spots

There’s no need to leave your furry friend at home when it comes time for happy hour in Austin. Numerous bars and eateries are open to both you and your pet, complete with discounts on drinks and snacks! Spend some quality time together enjoying these prime spots around town.

Yard Bar – an interactive dog park doubling as a bar where patrons can enjoy discounted offerings while their pup makes new friends. Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden – head out onto the patio of this welcoming establishment that loves animals. Easy Tiger – another outdoor space equipped with all sorts of special offers just waiting for you two. Allowing everyone access is what makes Austin such a great place to hangout during after-work hours—pet included!

Unique Happy Hour Experiences

Austin is renowned for its unique happy hour experiences, from themed bars to entertaining events and delectable discounts. One of the top spots on locals’ list of must-try’s is Unbarlievable, a circus-style bar with one-of-a-kind specials during their evening celebrations. Or why not visit Fallout Theater, where you can partake in an improv comedy show whilst indulging in discounted drinks? With so many amazing options available, it’s no wonder Austinites keep coming back for more when they look for that special something at Happy Hour time!

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

In Austin, you don’t have to sacrifice your dietary preferences when indulging in happy hour specials. The city’s bars and eateries provide an array of discounted vegan and vegetarian options that are sure to satisfy cravings without compromising one’s diet. Visit establishments such as Citizen Eatery or The Beer Plant for delicious food bargains alongside plant-based drinks at reduced prices, the perfect solution for people who follow these diets! With so much choice available on their evening menus, no one has any excuse not to enjoy a fantastic night out with friends or family in this vibrant Texas town.


To sum up, Austin boasts a bustling happy hour culture that caters to all tastes and styles. Whether it’s going downtown for some fun or seeking out pet-friendly bars where you can get unique experiences. No matter what your preference is, there will always be something exciting just around the corner waiting for you! So why not gather with friends and head off on an adventure discovering these different places while enjoying drinks? Here’s wishing everyone good luck in their next memorable journey through Austin’s flourishing happy hour hotspots!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happy hours in the restaurant?

Taking advantage of happy hour can be a great opportunity to obtain lower prices on food and drinks from your favorite eatery. This is available during less-busy times so you shouldn’t miss out!

What are some popular happy hour spots in downtown Austin?

Head over to Bar Chi, Foreign and Domestic or June’s All Day for a great happy hour experience in downtown Austin!

Are there any pet-friendly happy hour spots in Austin?

Austin boasts a number of pet-friendly happy hour spots, such as Yard Bar, Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden and Easy Tiger. All three provide an enjoyable atmosphere for both you and your furry friends to relax in during the evening hours.

What are some unique happy hour experiences in Austin?

Austin locals can enjoy two distinct happy hour experiences at Unbarlievable and Fallout Theater – the former offering a circus-style atmosphere, while the latter featuring improv comedy.

Are there vegan and vegetarian options available during happy hour in Austin?

During Austin’s happy hour, those on a vegan or vegetarian diet can find plant-based options at The Beer Plant and Citizen Eatery with drinks as well as snacks.

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