Popular Lake Travis Neighborhoods

, Mar 7, 2022

A wide view of some luxury homes on a hill overlooking Lake Travis.

If you’re looking to move to a new place, you’ll benefit greatly from researching the neighborhood you are considering before you buy a home. Each community has its unique feel and offers different types of homes for sale.

One of the most important things you should research is any local amenities — especially those that occur outside if you’re an outdoor person. If you’re looking to move to Austin, look for areas close to Lake Travis— it’s one of the most pristine lakes in Texas. It offers lots of great activities and amenities for locals and tourists alike.

You may assume that the most popular neighborhoods are around the water when you hear about Lake Travis. While this is generally true, several desirable communities aren’t directly on Lake Travis. However, most of these communities offer amenities and proximity that make them incredibly popular with residents in the area. Consider a few of the most popular Lake Travis neighborhoods explored in this article.

1. Apache Shores

If you’ve been around the Lake Travis area, you may have seen Apache Shores. This neighborhood is especially trendy because it has direct access to Lake Travis, offers boat docks for residents, and has a park for picnics or hikes. It’s a great place to live if you want to be close to the water without having a home directly on the lake.

Homes here are relatively affordable and offer a serene country feel.

2. River Place

River Place is an ideal neighborhood if you love gated communities and want quick access to Lake Travis. It isn’t directly on the water but offers boat ramps for residents and has a clubhouse with pool tables, a fitness center, ping pong tables, a hot tub, and a sauna.

The homes in this community are built with the best possible materials and offer a wide range of amenities within each home. They also have a unique security system that makes residents feel secure when they’re at home alone or away on vacation. This neighborhood is vast and has several different sections with varying prices and styles of homes, so you can easily find something to meet your needs.

3. Belvedere

Belvedere is another community that isn’t directly on Lake Travis, but it has several amenities like pools, spas, and game rooms. It also offers covered boat slip storage for residents.

The area is gated, which can help provide residents with an added sense of security.

4. Hills of Lakeway

Lakeway is a popular community because it offers a safe environment to live with Lake Travis and the Colorado River nearby. It isn’t as large as some of the other communities on the list, but its location makes it incredibly easy to access everything from shopping to dining out.

The homes here offer a range of different styles from condos to homes. It’s also a great place to live if you have children because the local school system is considered one of the best in Texas.

5. Falconhead

Falconhead is a gorgeous community that isn’t as large as others on this list, but it still offers plenty of desirable amenities like pools and spas. There are also some great trails for hiking and biking nearby.

It’s easy to find homes in this neighborhood with various styles available.

6. Flintrock Falls

Homes in Flintrock Falls are priced pretty high, but they offer excellent amenities like pools with waterfalls and hot tubs lining the poolside. There are also several workout facilities on site.

The homes here are incredibly stylish yet cozy, so if you’re looking for something modern, this area may be a good choice for you.

7. Lake Pointe

If you’re looking for a community with an incredible view of Lake Travis, then Lake Pointe is the one for you. This neighborhood is surrounded by several bodies of water and provides residents with boat slips and direct access to trails and parks along the shoreline.

The homes here offer a range of different styles from ranches to homes with modern finishes. If you love the idea of having waterfront access but aren’t entirely sold on living directly on Lake Travis, then this area is an excellent choice for you.

8. Rocky Creek

Rocky Creek is a neighborhood that offers homes with private boat storage and access to the community pool and fitness center. It’s also close to various parks and trails for hiking, biking, or just exploring nature.

There isn’t any public transportation available in this area, so you’ll need a car if you choose to live here.

9. Rough Hollow

If you’re looking for an area that focuses more on safety and offers amenities like pools, spas, and fitness centers, then Rough Hollow is the one for you. This community even has a 24/7 security guard patrolling to ensure that everyone remains safe while they’re here.

They offer a range of styles, from condominiums to townhomes. This area is smaller than others on the list, so it tends to be more family-friendly for those with children or who plan to start a family in the future.

10. Spanish Oaks

Spanish Oaks is one of the most luxurious areas to live in Lakeway if you have a large budget. It offers everything from boat slips to pools and spas with beautiful views of Lake Travis. The homes here are more expensive than others on this list, but they’re worth every penny because they also offer unique features like high-end finishes and solid wood cabinets.

You’ll find that this area has a strict policy about rentals which can be good for keeping out unwanted neighbors, but bad if you want to rent out your property when you’re not around to use it.

11. Steiner Ranch

If you’re looking for a more traditional neighborhood feel, then Steiner Ranch is the one for you. The homes here are incredibly modern, and they’ve earned several awards for their beautiful designs.

There’s also an on-site school if you choose to live here with your family or plan to have children in the future.

12. The Villas on Travis

This is a community that caters mainly to retirees or those looking for low-maintenance living. It’s perfect if you want to look out your window and see nothing but the woods surrounding you.

There is little public transportation here, so you’ll need your means of getting around.

13. Sweetwater

This community is perfect for those who love the idea of having waterfront views but don’t want to live directly on Lake Travis. The homes here are decorated with beautiful water views and are situated in areas where you can still enjoy fishing or kayaking even if you’re not swimming right off your private dock.

While there’s no pool or other amenities on-site, it’s close enough to everything you need that you should be able to get by without them. There is a small amount of public transportation in this area and the Rough Hollow Country Club. This is for those who’d like to enjoy a round of golf from time to time.

14. Serene Hills

This area isn’t too far from local restaurants and even has its golf course should you wish to enjoy a few holes. There’s also no shortage of nearby hiking trails if you enjoy spending time outdoors or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a little while.

Houses within this area are within walking distance of great schools like Sweetwater Elementary and Bee Cave Elementary.

15. Lago Vista

This is a tiny area where most homes are situated right on Lake Travis. You’ll see some beautiful views while taking a walk or driving through the neighborhood, and it’s also home to one of the oldest scenic drives in Texas, which gives you plenty of reasons to spend your day outdoors.

You’ll find that there are several amenities on-site, including a pool, jacuzzi, and tennis courts if you’re looking to relax after a long day at work or want something fun to do with your family on weekends.

16. Hudson Bend

This is a very secluded neighborhood that will require you to drive at least 30 minutes outside of Austin, but it’s worth the extra time once you see how beautiful your home here will be. The Hudson Bend homes can be more expensive than average, and even more for luxury estates near the lake.

You’ll find plenty of natural beauty nearby for those who love to take long walks or spend time outdoors. There’s also plenty of nearby shopping and restaurants if you’d rather stay home, but the drive there might be enough to convince you otherwise.

17. Reserve at Lake Travis

This is where you’ll find the most luxurious homes on Lake Travis if money isn’t an issue. The prices vary depending on your taste, but these are some of the largest houses around and come with every possible amenity you could want or need on-site, including several pools, game rooms, and even a butler’s quarters.

There are also community events on occasion. That is if you want to get out of the house once in a while.

18. The Hollows

This secluded community requires you to drive at least 20 minutes to get here from Austin. There are only around 200 homes in this neighborhood, but it’s well worth the hassle of finding your way out there once you see what it has to offer.

The homes typically come with several amenities on-site and beautiful views of the water. There’s also a very high level of security here to keep you from worrying about anyone breaking in while you’re home.

There are plenty of areas to live around Lake Travis, and while some may be more convenient than others depending on your tastes and local amenities, all of the homes here offer something worth checking out. Whether you’re looking for a great selection of restaurants, family-friendly parks, or just generally have a good time  — you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for within the area; no matter which neighborhood you call home.

If you want a home near the water with plenty of amenities and a community feel, make sure to check out Lake Travis while you’re searching for the perfect place to live in Austin.

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I was impressed by Sally’s expertise in selling both my investment property and my primary residence, and in helping us buy our dream home. At our initial meeting, we found Sally knew the real estate market, but found even more impressive her emotional quotient in understanding and navigating the differences between my partner’s and my very different personalities. For my investment property, she timed the showings and sale perfectly and created a helpful Excel spreadsheet comparing the many offers. She was also savvy enough to suggest we pay the tenants a fair amount of money to make the property available for viewing from 9am – 5pm on the first weekend to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to get through, and we let her deal directly with the tenants because we could tell her people skills would serve us well

We got multiple offers by the deadline on Monday afternoon with one outlier that was $150K higher than what we had unsuccessfully listed the property for (with a different realtor) a year earlier!

When it came to selling my primary home, Sally’s expertise in the luxury market, and in historic homes in particular, truly shone. She understood that selling a high-end property, with various restrictions, required a different approach. Sally crafted a listing for the home that perfectly captured its unique character and premier location. Her marketing strategy was well timed and appropriate for the more limited market, attracting the right buyer pool and creating a sense of exclusivity around the property. She suggested listing it on the private market for a week or two before sending a message that it would be listed on the MLS. She organized private showings that allowed buyers to experience the warmth and charm of the home and the neighborhood, which I believe was instrumental in securing a sale.

The pricing and marketing strategy Sally recommended was spot-on, and we sold the home at a price that far exceeded our expectations. Sally helped thread the needle perfectly.

Sally is also accessible. We found more well-known realtors would respond to our email days later, whereas she was always available right away to answer my questions, and provided us with regular updates, making sure every detail was handled with care. Selling a high-end property can be a stressful experience with fewer potential buyers and some downtime inherent in waiting for the right buyer, but Sally made it a smooth and surprisingly easy process encouraging us to be patient while giving us enough information on what was happening to satisfy both me and my partner. In the end, we were thrilled with the results

Sally’s rep of us as sellers could not have been more professional, but her work repping us as buyers is the most memorable. We were trying to be our dream home in an overheated market, and Sally gave us advice that at each turn proved invaluable. She recommended offering just the right amount above the offer price for us to make it to the next round of offers. She handled a very difficult appraisal process by advising us on financing sources, even offering to help us put down a higher amount by loaning us money herself! We were able to finance the home without taking her up on that offer, but how many realtors make that kind of offer to their clients? In the end, we closed on the house ontime and ended up with the home of our dreams, thanks to Sally’s world-class advice and service.

We cannot say enough good things about Sally’s technical knowledge, people skills, and responsiveness. You won’t find a better realtor in Austin.

I have lived here in Austin for more twenty-five years, and have bought and sold several homes and rented others during those years. I have worked with five realtors during that time. SALLY IS BY FAR THE BEST OF ANY IN TOWN. Her work ethic is simply unmatched. She hides her competitive streak underneath a layer of Austin hip and friendly, but she will absolutely get you the best home, the best deal, and stop at NOTHING to get your home sold as well!

Sally loves real estate. She has a genuine passion for Austin, too, and for her client’s well-being. She took time to understand my needs and was always available to answer any questions and provide me with honest and insightful advice.

We toured many homes in Barton Hills and settled on a great home that was hotly contested by builders and homeowners. Sally understood how we could be the preferred buyer without getting into a bidding war. She knew the motivations of the Seller and we maneuvered and negotiated the contract and secured my dream home.

Furthermore, at the 11th hour, the day before we were set to close, our lender said we needed to put a fence around the pool before they would release the funds. The seller was not inclined to extend the closing again. We were out of town. Sally saved the day by racing to Home Depot and getting the largest tarpaulin available and then securing it over the pool at the house. Sent pics to the lender and we were set to close.

In short, Sally will work harder and smarter than anyone. She’s simply the best.

Sally is incredible! She spent nearly 2 years with us – understanding our very specific preferences and needs – to help us find our dream home. She was the first agent to reach out when the home was listed and negotiated the contract astutely so that we secured the home. The home was only in the framed stage, still had a few months until completion. Once it was completed, however, our plans had changed and we needed to get out of the contract. We were expecting to have to relinquish our very considerable deposit. But Sally spent the entire weekend working on a way to get us out of the contract AND get our deposit back. Everyone we have spoken to about this extraordinary outcome has been surprised that Sally managed to get our deposit back for us. Thank you Sally, we can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sally is reliable, diligent in her research, prompt on exchanges, creative in deal making, and has a tremendous work ethic. She is the sole reason we were able to close on our primary residence, which has been our dream home and a fantastic investment. From there, we’ve gone on to close on multiple rental property purchases in Austin together. Thanks to her astute analysis, we’ve passed on many deals as well, which has proven just as valuable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I highly recommend Kiel if you’re looking to rent a place in Austin. We originally met him to look around a particular unit, and when it was not to our satisfaction, he was able to quickly take us around many more units that day. He also set up a whole day of viewings for the very next day! Within 48 hours we had done enough viewings to be confident in choosing a new home. The landlord accepted our offer and Kiel handled all of the paperwork, even stopping by our hotel to pick up the needed checks. We couldn’t be happier.
Kiel is highly organized and unlike some realtors in the Austin area, he is responsive and ready to move quickly. We were always able to contact him and never left waiting.

Kiel has your BACK!! We are so grateful to have had his guidance and knowledge while navigating the intense, frustrating and way competitive Austin rental market. He quickly picked up on our taste and designed a game plan to help us push through the clutter and get to the properties that best suited us. He was ALWAYS available to us and answered our emails, calls and texts with great speed. We’re so grateful to have had him on our search team. Because my goodness, it really is a crazy market out there!

Kiel was amazing to work with! He walked us through everything, explained anything we didn’t understand, and he is is just a great guy to work with. As a first time home buyer, his knowledge was invaluable. 10/10 would recommend!

Kiel was referred to me by a friend, and we were so pleased with his services. He jumped in and guided us through the entire process, made himself readily available for us during the whole process, checked in with us via text every step of the way, and provided any and all information we requested. As a first time home buyer, I was not totally familiar with the process. Kiel helped me through the lending process, walk through inspection and closing procedures. It was such a pleasure to work with him, and we look forward to hiring him again when we purchase our next property.

I’ve never met anyone as knowledgeable and hard working as Kiel. Everything he said he was going to do, he did it. Kiel is a very easy person to get along with. He made us comfortable with the process and also made it fun. In 5 words…HE GETS THE JOB DONE!

It was great working with Kiel. He understood what we really wanted in a home. When it came to the process of the contract, it was obvious how knowledgeable he was. He did exactly what we wanted while giving great advice.

We had the pleasure of working with Will Mackintosh as our agent, and couldn’t be happier with the experience. From start to finish, the process was incredibly smooth and easy, thanks to Will’s expertise and professionalism. He guided us every step of the way making what could have been a stressful experience surprisingly enjoyable. Will’s attention to detail and dedication to finding the perfect property for us truly stood out. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. I highly recommend Will and Bramlett Residential to anyone buying or selling a home in the Austin area.

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