Seller Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to put my house on the market?

    Once we receive the professional photos of your property, we will have it listed within 1 business day. We will immediately create your single property website, submit your listing to the IDX websites, and if you choose to syndicate nationally, do so at that time. We will create your print materials and submit them to you for approval, so the print materials are usually ready 2-3 business days after we receive the photos. In short, we work very quickly. Preparing your property for market is extremely case by case. If your house is ready to go, we can usually have you listed within one week. However, if you plan to make improvements to your property before listing, then it will take as long as those improvements do.
  • Which items stay with my house, and which items can I take with me?

    The general rule is: “If you have to remove it with a tool, it stays.” However, some items are specifically included in the contract and other items will go with you. Unless specifically excluded, your drapes, window treatments, & television mounts will stay with the house. Unless specifically included, your washer & dryer and refrigerator will go with you. If you have a question about a specific item, please don’t hesitate to ask, and if there is any doubt (and you want to keep the item) then list it as an exclusion in your Seller’s Disclosure Notice!
  • Do I need to leave my property during showings?

    It’s almost always best for you to leave the property during showings. Buyers feel much more comfortable in a home without the seller present, and it’s in your best interest for buyers to feel comfortable. You will certainly have a unique perspective on your own home, and it’s our job to make sure that this unique perspective is communicated to any potential buyer through our marketing materials.
  • How long will it take to sell my house?

    The average days on market will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood (or condo development to condo development.) How long it will take to sell your property will also be a function of your property’s condition & where you decide to price it. After we’ve viewed your property, we can give you a good estimate of the time it will take to sell your property, given the amount of preparation you would like to do.
  • Do I need to clean my house before I move out?

    Unless otherwise agreed with your buyer, all of your personal items need to be removed. While a standard contract doesn’t require it, it’s very standard for a seller to clean the property well after move out (vacuum, dust, wipe countertops, etc…) It is relatively common for a buyer to stipulate in the contract that they want the house professionally cleaned and/or the carpets to be steamed. If there’s no such stipulation, then we recommend using common sense, and leaving the property in the same condition you would want it to be in, if you were the buyer. Bear in mind that the buyer will have a final walk through before closing, so you want to make sure they’re happy with the property’s condition.
  • What are the fees associated with selling my property?

    While all contracts are negotiable, the standard fees are outlined here. There is typically a 6% broker fee and 1.5% in additional escrow, title, & miscellaneous fees. The easiest way to determine how much you will net in the sale is to multiply the sales price X 92.5%.
  • Will the buyer & seller sign closing docs at the same time?

    The buyer & seller usually sign at different times. This helps you close as quickly as possible. If both parties sign at the same scheduled time, then both parties wait on each other (one goes first and one waits for the second to finish.)
  • What is a buyer walkthrough? Do I have to let them do the walkthrough?

    The buyer walkthrough allows the buyer to physically see that the property hasn’t been damaged prior to closing. While uncommon, things can happen. Storms can cause trees to come down & movers can bang holes in the walls. If something unlikely happens, then we have to either give a monetary credit or fix the problem prior to closing. The walkthrough is most certainly not an opportunity for the buyer to renegotiate prior to closing & it is generally quick and painless. You are contractually obligated to allow the buyer walkthrough during reasonable times with reasonable notice.
  • How long will it take for me to get the closing proceeds into my account?

    You can expect to have the proceeds from closing the following business day, and you sometimes get proceeds the same day as closing.
  • What is an option period? Do I have to negotiate repairs during the option period?

    Contractually, an option period is the period during which a buyer can terminate the contract and receive their earnest money back for any reason. They have the “option” to terminate. In practice, the option period is almost always used as an inspection period. Buyers hire a licensed inspector to inspect the home and provide them a report. Buyers usually do ask for repairs or a credit for repairs. You are not contractually obligated to negotiate repairs during the option period, but we will always look at what is in your best interest - negotiating repairs or going back to market.
  • What does a home inspector look for in the property?

    A licensed Texas real estate inspector will provide a visual inspection of your home based on current code. This means that the inspector will not disassemble anything to inspect it and that they will not take into account the year the property was built. It’s fairly common for older homes to show deficiencies simply because code has changed, but you’re under no obligation to bring anything to current code. Sometimes, an inspector will recommend that a specialist inspect a specific system further (HVAC, foundation, plumbing, etc…).


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1600+ Client reviews!

Lesley M.

Craig is truly great at what he does. We first worked with him as our buyer’s agent when moving to the Austin area. This time around, we chose him to be our listing agent when we we relocating away from the area and we are glad we did. Craig was always available for followup regarding processes and questions we had-from listing all the way to closing day. He always made sure to keep us up to date with any information we needed. Craig has a great understanding of the market and is straightforward & honest, which we valued. I couldn’t sing his praises more.

Jerod Honrath

We worked with Craig McGuire and he was phenomenal from start to finish with regards to selling our home. He was detailed and very thorough in how he navigated us through the selling process. I would most certainly recommend him to anyone that is looking to buy or sell their home and in fact we are using his vast expertise as well to build new future home over the next year.

Analisa Honrath

Every aspect of working with Craig McGuire and his team was positive. Highly recommend!

Natasha Delatorre

Eric Engberg went above and beyond for me as my Realtor through the process of selling my home. He walked me through each step and he was always available to answer any questions, make suggestions and to give his professional opinion. Eric is very professional, thorough and knowledgeable in every aspect of Real Estate. I had a full price offer within 5 days and a backup offer shortly after that. I will most definitely use him as my Realtor in the search and purchase of my new home and I highly recommend him.

Lisa Muncaster

Tara is a wonderful realtor. I had a historic multi-family Clarksville home in downtown Austin. I had a bad first experiance with another realtor and agency. I contacted Bramlett Realtors after terminating that contract and reached Tara. I explained to her that the property I was wanting to sell was a historic one of a kind downtown property. Although the property had an amazing location and alot of historic charm and some beautiful artistc upgrades, it was going to be hard to sell. It was a complicated one of a kind property, that required more atttention then other sales. Tara did a great job. She secured banks that were able to finance our one of a kind multi-family sale if neccessary. Tara stuck by me after three contracts fell through. We ended up securing an all cash contract and closed in ten days. I was very lucky to find Tara. She did a great job representing me, and I felt like she had my back during entire time of representation. I highly recomend Tara and Braumlet Realtors for someone looking for a sellers representation realtor.

Becky Pimentel

Will Mackintosh was great to work with. At our first meeting, I found Will to be very personable and easy to talk to. He readily answered all my questions and explained the process of how we would sell the house. I found Will to be easily assessible; always returning my texts and emails within a short time frame. The house sold in 10 days. I highly recommend Will to anyone who is ready to sell their house.

Dave Matheny

We started working with Kasey about a year ago – and signed up to both buy a new home and sell our existing home. I have to say, it was an absolute stroke of good luck since we randomly picked her from Google’s search results. Kasey turned out to be fantastic to work with. She helped us maximize the price we got for selling – and the house sold within just a few days of listing. She was also very responsive. My wife commented multiple times on how easy it was to reach her and how helpful she was in general. At the end of the day, the sale went down without a hitch – and we ended up getting significantly more than we were originally planning. We’ve already been referring her to friends and she has impressed them as much as she did us. I highly recommend both Kasey Gilliam and Bramlett Residential.

Amy Rose

Tara McGuire with Bramlett Real Estate took care of all the details AND took care of us as we made the emotional decision to sell our house during a pandemic. She was understanding AND efficient. Their expertise and contacts in the industry really showed. We are very happy we worked with her and her team at Bramlett

J. Hickman

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Tara McGuire in selling my home! She literally handled everything and anything you could think of. She was very transparent on what to expect during the entire process from pre-listing all the way through closing. She priced our home after a detailed analysis and explained the ins and outs, the factors for the pricing and everything in between. I could not have asked for an easier transaction and a better person to work with!

Lewis Cox

We love how our agent Bailey Moran and her team worked quickly and professionally to get our houses sold quickly and got us more than the asking price Bailey keeps you informed every step of the way

Robert J Bennett

First, let me say that Will was one of three agents that we interviewed prior to engaging one of them to list our house. He was “hands down” our choice to list with — his presentation, his answers to our questions about the process and confidence in seeing the sale to a successful close all communicated to us that he was the professional to move forward with. He represented your agency well, and is clearly an asset to your business.

1. The transaction was smooth and professional from beginning to end. Will told us that we would be hearing from a number of associates regarding forms to sign, a write-up to do (ten things you love about your house), scheduling the staging person, arranging for the ECAD inspection, and then a whole house inspection. He was correct, and we felt that at every step of the way all the details were being covered.

2. We were most impressed (and reassured) with Will’s responsiveness to every text, email, and phone call we initiated. He was both timely, and helpful with his answers and advice concerning various questions. I tried not to over utilize his time, but he always reassured me that we were free to contact him at any time. His timely communication was one of his greatest assets. We were also impressed (amazed?) that his prediction of multiple offers after one weekend on the market were realized. This is especially so since that first weekend we had a winter storm which immobilized most of the city for 3 days. Since we lost power, I had to literally search the neighborhood outside for cell reception in order to communicate and to co-sign the purchase offer. Looking back it’s comical, but at the time it was crazy. Will gave us every confidence that everything would be fine. He even checked on us after the power was restored to make sure our house had not been damaged.

3. I understand that it’s important to identify any areas of weaknesses. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I wish Will had done, or done differently. We were completely happy with the transaction, from start to finish. It’s the first time I/we attended the closing without our representative, but Will explained that that was a COVID thing in effect. He prepared us well and sent the closing documents ahead of time for our review. No problems at all.

Shelley S.

We had a wonderful experience with Eric Bramlett. Tara McGuire was our realtor for the sale of our house in Austin. She did a fantastic job communicating all the steps needed to get the house ready for showings and open house. She has a team of people working for her so every step was well organized and communicated to us. She set up a home stager, handy man, window washer, and cleaner for us. We could always reach Tara even when she was away on vacation! She was always available for questions via text, email or phone. We highly recommend Tara McGuire at Eric Bramlett Real Estate to sell your home!!