What Area of the U.S. Should You Live in Post-Pandemic?

nkats, Mar 2, 2022

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The phrase “post-pandemic” can have a different meaning depending on a person’s perception. Some may think we are currently living post-pandemic. Others may feel that we have yet to reach such a state. Either way, we are in a different time than we were a couple of years ago, and you may have realized your needs have changed too.

These shifts that have occurred have prompted some people to reconsider the location of their homes, weigh out their options, and try to determine the best location to buy a new home. Regardless of whether your move is now or in the future, there are many things to consider when moving post-pandemic. Here’s a general outline of some considerations you should make.

1. Access to Healthcare

Taking a look at what kind of healthcare options you have and how far away they are from your home is essential. Even if you and your family are relatively healthy, you never know what kind of emergencies may occur. The last thing you’d want to worry about during an emergency is your access to effective healthcare.

Having numerous healthcare facilities in your proximity can help you save money and provide peace of mind in the long run. The sooner a medical issue is solved, the better. If you live in a city that acknowledges the importance of healthcare, you may be able to tackle health issues before they get too severe.

2. Ability to Go Outdoors

Having the option to get outdoors and take in some much-needed sun is beneficial for your mental and physical health. Living near a lake or other great vacation spots could help make getting away a weekend occurrence.

If lakeside living isn’t what you’re looking for, there are still many options for you that can positively affect your health. In general, living in a sunny state helps boost your serotonin and Vitamin C.

Regardless of your exact preferences when house hunting, consider your ability to get outdoors and take in the (preferably) fresh air.

3. Conducive to Remote Work

Many consider their newfound ability to work from home a positive change that was made due to the pandemic. However, working remotely is only as productive as you make it. Dealing with distractions during your workday can seriously hinder your work.

If you’ve tried all you could to give yourself a space that’s work-from-home friendly, yet you’re still noticing distractions, there may be factors outside of your control. For example, you might live in a consistently noisy neighborhood, which is prompting you to consider moving.

There are some people, however, who are not built to work from home. Associating their home with work hurts their work ethic and motivation. In that case, having a library, cafe, or other public space to work at is ideal. If you are a remote worker and know that you’d like to work somewhere else occasionally, take a look at the proximity of such places to your home.

4. Economically on the Rise

Take a look at the city or town that your home is located in and the economy. An area with a stagnant economy could be a turnoff for many people, especially investors or entrepreneurs.

If businesses don’t seem to be thriving there, it could be difficult to make profitable investments. An entrepreneur’s work could take a serious blow if they move to an area that isn’t profitable for small businesses. You’re more likely to grow your business if a city is also growing and trying to develop a startup environment to further increase its growth.

However, a city with a good economy is something everyone should consider. For example, if an area’s unemployment rate is high, you would likely struggle to find a job when you move. Ideally, you’d want a job with pay that suits your lifestyle without a long commute.

5. Less Densely Populated

One thing the pandemic has made people reconsider is their proximity to others. An area with a dense population can be a health risk to many. Because of this, many have decided to embrace a smaller city and move to the suburbs.

Choosing the suburbs could also save you money — properties there are much cheaper. Not only are your options more affordable, but many of them have more space as well. This is great for anyone with a large family or those who plan to expand their family in the future.

Lastly, consider how living in a tourist area could impact your life. Tourism is the economic backbone of many cities, however, an influx of tourists can be undesirable to some. But if you’re a business owner, you may see these tourists as potential customers. Depending on your needs, living near a tourist spot can be a positive or negative thing.

6. Crucial to Your Happiness

Sometimes when house hunting, a home may tick all your desired checkboxes, but there’s still something missing. One of the most important things to consider is if you feel an area will be good for your mental health. Here’s how to consider your mental health when looking for a new home:

  • The ability to network with others;
  • The health of the area’s population;
  • The area’s economy and employment rates;
  • The area’s crime rates;
  • The area’s health care.

When it comes down to it, only you can determine your own needs. It’s up to you to decide what should be a top priority when you move. What works for someone else may not work for you.

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