June 2022 OKR Meeting Notes

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1) Community Vendor: Sharon Barney w/ Fairway Mortgage

2) Announcements:

  • Welcome, Lauren Salazar!
  • Welcome, Shelby Sievers!
  • Welcome, Annette Patterson!
  • Jeremy broke $10M in annual production!
  • The McGuire Team broke $40M in annual production!


4) OKRs (May)

Leading Indicators (FUB Leaderboard)

  • 207 Conversations w/ 1 Day & 7 Hours of Talk Time
  • 977 Text Messages
  • 133,952 Emails
  • Top Talker = Jeremy w/ 2 hrs 33 min of talk time!
  • Top Texter = Jeremy w/ 163 text messages (Tyson was right behind with 162!)
  • ***We are in the early stages of building a leaderboard that will incorporate Client Portal searches created***

Office Numbers

  • We closed $41.99M & 47 units. This is a +20.1% increase in dollar volume and a -14.5% decrease in units.
  • We contracted $37.9M & 51 units. This is a +32% increase in dollar volume and a -2% decrease in units.
  • We are at $263.6M YTD for contracted/closed units. This is a +46% increase year to date!
  • We had 97% lead duty coverage!

$1M+ Closers

  1. Kasey = $15.3M
  2. Jeremy = $3.1M
  3. Lauren = $2.4M
  4. Rob = $1.9M
  5. Craig = $1.8M
  6. Linda = $1.7M
  7. Ann = $1.7M
  8. Vicki = $1.6M
  9. Bailey = $1.5M
  10. Katie = $1.5M
  11. Tara = $1.2M
  12. Drew = $1.1M

$1M+ Contracts

  1. Tara = $7.1M
  2. Jeremy = $4.3M
  3. Linda = $3.8M
  4. Bailey = $3.3M
  5. Shaun = $1.9M
  6. Philip = $1.8M
  7. Ashley = $1.7M
  8. Erin = $1.7M
  9. Craig = $1.4M
  10. Crystal = $1.3M
  11. Morgan = $1.1M
  12. Drew = $1.1M
  13. Will = $1M

5) Slowing Market / Proving Value First / Staying Productive

  • There’s no question that the market is slowing. First Look Stats for May 11.5% fewer units sold YOY and that is going to get slower. We will likely see the market down 15-20% in units sold this year.
  • This will be the first time most of us will have seen a down market. Listings will take longer to sell and leads will be down. There’s nothing anyone can do to make listings sell faster or to increase lead flow.
  • What can we do? Stay productive and prove value first. People you talk to who show any interest in potentially buying or selling will likely do so in the next 12 months. The #1 value you can show them is to set up Client Portal updates for buyers and sellers. This gives you a reason to follow up with these potential buyers and sellers using the Daily FU.
  • Your #1 goal over the next 6 months is to set up as many Client Portal searches as you can and to FU with those folks using your Daily FU.
  • When markets shift, there’s always opportunity. Many agents sit on their hands and think negatively. Things are hard, not much is closing, so why work hard? What can you do? Agents who take the opposite approach; those who choose to stay positive and work consistently gain a ton of market share. This is 100% the time to work hard, finish this year as strong as you can, and tee yourself up for an amazing 2023.
  • As a company, we are increasing our staff and our spend on development. While our competitors cut costs, we’re going to come out of this positioned with the best tools and support for our agents of any brokerage in Austin. Literally.

5) Client Portal

We’re putting a ton of resources into the Client Portal. We’ve 100% feature matched Matrix’s portal and we’ve now surpassed it. Here are the features that our proprietary CP has that Matrix does not:

  • Clients are subscribed immediately. There is no need for them to click on a link to activate a search.
  • Email open tracking. Matrix only tracks web visits. We track email opens + visits. We’ve learned that many users never clickthrough on emails, but are heavily engaged with our emails. (These users would be lost to Matrix.)
  • Client property viewing history. Matrix only tracks client favorites. We track favorites + their property view history. We’ve learned that most users view properties without favoriting. You would never know about these users with Matrix.
  • Deep FUB IntegrationYou now have one system to manage your clients, rather than two. Your FUB Smart Lists are now smarter. You now have deep insight into your clients’ behavior.
  • Opportunity for Innovation. We’re already roadmapping some really cool features like “automatic sold comps” for properties. We want to hear about all of your ideas to improve this amazing tool.

What You Should Do:

  • When on Lead Duty, it’s now required that you set up Expert Searches through the Portal as soon as you hang up. You’ve already time blocked this for work, so there’s no reason to put off the searches.
  • Move your engaged clients away from the Matrix Portal and put them on our Client Portal. You’ll immediately gain insights you didn’t have before.
  • Set as many people up on Client Portal Searches as you possibly can. Homeowners get Seller Updates and buyers get Buyer Updates. The more of these you set up, the more success you’ll find. A lead is in your pipeline only if they have searches set up.

What You Can Expect:

  • Lots and lots of support for the Client Portal. We will have round tables until people stop showing up. 🙂
  • Lots and lots of emphasis on the Client Portal. We will track how many searches everyone sets up and this will be a huge component of our Scoreboard.
  • Lots and lots of innovation! Client searches are a critical part of your job; Arguably the most important tool you have in your arsenal. You already have a better tool than any other agent in Austin and we will continue to make it even better!
  • Lots and lots of success stories about the Client Portal!

6) What (else) are we working on?

  • Support, support, support! Bailey, Marelise, Shelby, and I are deep into support systems. You guys know about [email protected]. Adding that makes it easier for you, but it also allows us to better collaborate on and organize Company Guide improvements. We already have the best knowledge base in the business and we’re only going to make this better. A great knowledge base only works when you can find the info, though, so we’re putting as much emphasis on the CG Search as we are the content.
  • Service Standardization & Reliability. We know that you guys find classes and round tables valuable. We know that you find social media content valuable. We’re in the process of adding our services to a calendar with different staff “owners” to make sure they’re delivered reliably.
  • Monthly Recurring FUB Round Tables: We’ve set up a recurring 1 hour training session w/ our account rep at FUB. The first meeting is next Wednesday. This is for you guys to ask any questions you’d like.
  • Marketing. Our marketing budget is roughly 50% higher than it was at this point last year and our leads are down. Why aren’t we cutting? Because we’re still learning from this increased spend. When the market turns back up, we’ll be poised to take the most market share.
  • Scoreboard. “People and teams play differently when they are keeping score, and the right kind of scoreboards motivate the players to win.” (4 Disciplines of Execution) We hit an accidental home run years ago when released the RealScale home page Leaderboard. The RS Leaderboard shows our lagging indicators of contracts and closings. We’ve been playing with Leading Indicators (calls, texts, and emails) for the past year, but we haven’t gotten it right b/c we don’t have the engagement we do with RealScale. We’re tinkering with another, in house Leading Indicator Scoreboard that will combine Client Portal Searches, text messages, and phone calls.
  • Smart Growth. You guys can all see that we’re growing. Now that the market is shifting, there will be even more opportunity for growth. We remain committed to growing the right way and to growing intelligently. The hardest part about getting bigger is maintaining quality. We recognize this and won’t compromise quality for growth.
  • July 12 OKR Meeting. We have a big announcement we’ll make on July 12. The meeting will likely be at ABOR. I hope everyone can make it!

7) Coming Soons, Buyer Needs, & Market Update Round Table

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2300+ Client reviews!

We had the pleasure of working with Will Mackintosh as our agent, and couldn’t be happier with the experience. From start to finish, the process was incredibly smooth and easy, thanks to Will’s expertise and professionalism. He guided us every step of the way making what could have been a stressful experience surprisingly enjoyable. Will’s attention to detail and dedication to finding the perfect property for us truly stood out. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. I highly recommend Will and Bramlett Residential to anyone buying or selling a home in the Austin area.

Danny is amazing. We are first time home buyers and knew almost nothing going in other than what we could afford. Danny is patient and had references for mortgage companies, home inspectiors and specialty inspectors. He was able to negotiate on our behalf and guided us every step of the way from our staring offer to the day of move in. Didn’t matter the time of day, Danny was always available and made sure we understood everything we were signing. Buying a home is scary especially during pandemic but Danny made it seemless and went above and beyond to take care of us. Cannot speak highly enough of Danny.

Linda is very knowledgeable in the area and really helped me (out state buyer) to learn the important facts about the home locations that I was interested in. She provided great advice as part of the negotiation. She is very professional and dedicated to taking care of her customer. She even replied to one of my texts at 2AM in the morning! I highly recommend Linda if you are looking for a very knowledgeable and experienced agent who delivers results. After the closing date she is still following up with me to answer any questions and help me with finding services to take care of my new home.

We had a great experience with agent Kasey Gilliam, both coming and going! Kasey helped us find our lovely home five years ago, then helped us sell it again when we moved back east. She knows the market and has broad experience with Austin neighborhoods and homes. We trusted her advice — and she was always available when we had questions. She and her team kept our house safe and managed what felt like a million showings. We would happily work with Kasey again if we ever return to Austin, and are happy to sing her praises!

First, Carol is warm and helpful in every way. With Carol’s help, we bought our house remotely. She gave us great guidance: “This house would be great for you. The neighborhood is good.” Her office staff was also supportive – picking up the key from the closing company; going out to the property when a workman was there. It also must be said that after so many years in the business, she knows the market very well. Carol knows her stuff.
Carson, is an outstanding Realtor. He has been our agent for the past 7 years and we have purchased two houses utilizing his expertise.. Carson is very professional and courteous always thinking of his clients needs. I strongly recommend him and know that you will be very satisfied with his services.
I found Carson by searching Real Estate Agents in Austin who are also investors/landlords. Carson is certainly worth a call! I contacted Carson to ask if it made sense to stay in touch and possibly meet because I was looking for a 2-4 plex in Austin. Being from California and only having been in Austin 1-2 months at the time, it was critical for me to meet a real estate agent who was familiar with landlord’s perspective in the Austin market.<br/><br/>Carson and I didn’t do business that day or even that month. Later in the year, I was more prepared to get in depth and serious with the search so I reached out to Carson and he set me up on an MLS list with my search criteria. As my wife and I disqualified zip codes Carson was patient enough to update our search criteria promptly. Along the search Carson advised us and answered all our questions. My wife found a duplex listed as “coming soon” on Zillow so we drove past it and asked Carson what this listing status meant. Carson got us an appointment to view the duplex the first day it came on the market, our offer was accepted and Carson was there every step of the way.<br/><br/>After closing Carson continues to offer value to the transaction. Carson called me in early January to recommend that I fill out paperwork to make the duplex my homestead. This was very useful because, coming from California, I didn’t know about this. I know I can call Carson any time with questions around real estate. Carson is very personable, relatable, yet still very professional.
Carson was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad that I took him up on that recommendation!! Carson helped my find a home last spring and it was a great experience. He took into account all of the things that I was looking for and showed me multiple listings until we found the right place. He was also extremely knowledgeable about and responsive to questions during the closing process. I knew that if I was concerned about something or had additional questions I could always give him a call. Carson is fun and personable as well as very knowledgeable about the real estate industry in Austin, you couldn’t ask for a better real estate agent!

Carson was wonderful to work with. We worked with him during the holidays and we still got immediate responses from him. He helped us sell our home and purchase a new home. We’d pick him again in a heartbeat!

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the amount–and most importantly, quality–of professionalism, knowledge and personalized service that Carson Gallagher displayed throughout the process of selling our home in Austin. We walked away from our first meeting with him with complete confidence that he would have our best interest in mind and that confidence only increased over time. We both tend to be worriers by nature, and Carson’s calm, informed and rational approach to every step of the transaction worked absolute wonders in quashing our stress levels. Simply put, if he said “don’t worry about X, Y and Z,” we didn’t worry. In hindsight, he was correct in his assessment every single time. It was truly a pleasure to work with Carson, and, without question, he’s the first person we’re going to recommend to anyone either looking to sell or purchase a home in the Austin area. <br/><br/>Mark Iversen
The main “takeaway” I had when dealing with Mr. Gallagher (on 2 separate deals now) would be that I’ve walked away with more knowledge about the buying/selling process than I did going in. Mr. Gallagher was very adamant about letting me know that he was there to work for me and he would do anything (within reason, of course) that I asked throughout the process; with that being said, he was also expressive in letting me know that he would inform me of the impact of any decision I make concerning the deal at hand, in turn making me feel very comfortable knowing that I had the information I would need to make informative decisions. He’s on my phone for future deals and referrals to my circle of friends and family.

As a first time home buyer, Carson was the first real estate agent I’d worked with and I’m grateful for it! Carson knows this business extremely well, and it comes across in the first moment you speak with him. He’s an authentic and trustworthy advisor, a true professional .. you don’t meet many like this. Carson was excellent at explaining the complex details in ways I understood, as well as being a real negotiator on my behalf. Honestly I couldn’t recommend him more. Easily one of the best people you could work with in Austin.

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